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Which Pest You See First Reveals Your Perception Type

In a digital world, I decided it was time to start tossing out the VHS and DVD cases that are just taking up space. My wife had set a few aside for the kids to watch and rate them as worth keeping or not. After blowing an hour and a half watching Mr. Mom, a heated debate ensued regarding whether the move was truly the worst ever or just very boring. Whether dealing with movies or pests, our perceptions rule.

What Is Reality

I asked my kids how they could determine the absolute worst without seeing every movie that ever existed. This conundrum at least stopped the fighting. It also reminds us that we cannot be aware of that which we do not perceive. Even when we do perceive something, it is simply our mind’s interpretation of what we see, hear, smell, etc.

There are several insects and arachnids that are up for debate on their pest status:

  • lady bugs – cute and known to eat aphids, but some species invade homes
  • spiders – some species are completely harmless and stay where they should, but other species invade our living spaces
  • crickets – revered in some cultures but a terrible annoyance if living in a recording studio
  • mice – wonderful pets and great partners in science but they carry disease and contaminate food

The list could go on and on. The bottom line is that if a living organism is causing problems, it qualifies as a pest – that is the reality that matters.

The Signs vs The Pest

One of the most interesting differentiations we see in people we work with are those that perceive the signs of pests as the primary evidence vs those that have a strong drive to see the pest itself.

Moles for example are underground and are rarely seen directly unless trapped and removed from the tunnels. Some people are totally fine knowing that one or more moles are constructing these tunnels. Some are more resistant to the idea unless the actual animal can be seen. I recall one instance in which I was working to help a potential customer understand the cause of these raised tunnels when I saw some movement out of the corner of my eye. I rushed over, reached into the tunnel behind the busy digger, and pulled the mole out for her to see. The conversation was much easier from that point moving forward.

The Answer to the Picture

While the piles of dirt are present and clearly indicate a presence of ants, you will be up late in the night trying to see an actual ant. The mouse on the other hand, though camouflaged and hidden, is actually present. If you spent time hunting until you saw an actual pest, you are of the direct sensing type. If you saw the anthills and saw that as sufficient evidence, you are more of the signs and abstract connections. Of course, all of this could just mean that you really hate mice and your brain picked the mouse out so you could get rid of it as quickly as possible.

Plans For All Types

Just as we have plans for all types of pests, we have plans for all types of personalities. If you want to avoid even seeing signs of spiders, maybe a web away service is right for you. If you like to see the end of the pest at hand, maybe a trap is preferred over a bait station. Whatever your preferences, Rove Pest Control has the solution.