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Where do mice come from?

As seasons transition into fall and winter many people start to run into rodent problems, and this post we answer where do mice come from and what are some ways to keep them out?

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Temperature change means location change for mice and pests

One common theme for pests, humans, and mice is when temperatures get cold, we like to head indoors. Any time there are season changes be prepared for pests like mice to try and make their way into your home.

At the same time you might be surprised with all the different places and ways rodents including mice get into your home. The most common place where mice come from is through cracks and crevices along with other entry points around your home.

Usually as temperatures become more mild in the fall season, people typically end up leaving their windows and doors open, this unfortunately can lead to easy access for mice. If you are going to leave windows or doors ajar, be sure to have their screens fully intact or you could be asking for mice to move in.

Another common entry point is through dryer or exhaust fan ducts. Be sure to install screens over outdoor vents as mice and pests can make their way into your home through those entry points as well.

Other places mice can come from that you might not expect

Now that we have established some of the common ways mice get in your home, it’s time to cover some of the more unique ways you might not realize. More often than not, we could unknowingly bring these pests into our home without realizing it.

One such place could come from storage units we may own. Pests like mice can spread very quickly in places that are in close proximity to each other. This could be places like apartment complexes, college dorms, and even storage units.

This means that at the time you put your belongings into storage, you might not have had any pest issues, but when it comes time to bring things out of storage, it could be a different story. You may accidentally bring boxes and belongings into your home that contain mice and other pests.

Be sure to check over any boxes you transfer into your home as well as follow these other tips for preventing pests in storage units.

Are you building shelter for mice without knowing it?

Another common thing that people do to attract mice into their home is unknowingly making food and shelter sources for them. A couple of areas that you could be unintentionally causing rodent issues from happen outside of your home.

Yard work can sometimes be put on the back burner, but leaving things like piles of grass clippings, compost piles, leave piles, or even improperly stored garbage can be havens for pests like mice.

Rodents like mice need 3 things to survive: food, water, and shelter. Water usually isn’t a scarce resource outdoors, but as temperatures drop, food and shelter can be.

Things like compost piles, leave piles, or grass clippings can provide a perfect shelter for pests like mice and can help keep them warm as temperatures drop and autumn transitions into winter. Mice can breed incredibly fast, and having a safe shelter for them can be grounds for them to start breeding.

Another factor for mice to breed rapidly is an ample food source. Leaving garbage improperly stored can create a constant food source as well as a steady stream of mice entering your home.

This is why people often can’t seem to be able to get rid of rodent issues, and it seems like no matter how many they kill, there always seems to be new ones getting into their home. It’s important to not provide easy access to food, shelter, or water for pests like mice otherwise you can certainly expect to see them in your home this winter.

If you do happen to have any pest or mice problems, be sure to reach out to a pest control service as mice and rodents tend to breed incredibly fast and one or two can turn into a major issue rather quickly.

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