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Where do all the moles go?

A common question we get as the end of fall comes and snow starts coming down, is where do all the moles go?

Do moles migrate south for the winter?

Moles don’t travel south to a warmer climate during the winter and colder months. Most moles don’t even disappear, they are just simply further down in your yard.

Moles for the most part eat earthworms and bugs as they dig underground throughout your yard. During the summer months, bugs and worms can be found near the surface, which is why you can find mole hills and mounds around your yard. Their summertime feeding tunnels are often more shallow and near the surface when it’s warm out.

Moles dig deep to stay warm and search for food

You may see mole hills and mounds later in the season this year since it was more mild with regard to temperature. There was a later breeding season so some of the new baby moles are out and about digging tunnels before the real cold sinks in. The baby moles haven’t fully developed and refined their digging skills yet so they are still tunneling shallow at this point.

The colder it gets the further down worms and insects will burrow so they can survive. They will dig below the frost line and moles will follow close behind.

The moles can live and survive for months without coming to the surface so they may seem to “disappear” over the winter, but in reality they are just deep underground.

Is there anything you can do to keep these winter moles out of your yard?

If there are still a few warm days left and not a thick layer of snow on the ground, you may still have time for one last treatment for moles. However if you didn’t treat for moles before the freeze and snow, you may just need to keep it in mind and calendar it for first thing this spring.

Moles aren’t going to be causing much damage to your yard if they are there in the middle of the winter since they burrow down so deep underground. However you should be thinking of setting up a treatment program as soon as spring arrives.

Moles, like most other pests, when left unchecked, will continue to breed and multiply. As temperatures begin to warm up and the ground thaws, they will start to emerge and can quickly start damaging your yard.

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