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Where Do All The Bugs Go This Winter?

A common misconception is that all the bugs die off in the winter, and that’s why you don’t see them, and therefore people think they don’t need winter pest control.

Where bugs go when it’s cold out

Bugs are still around during the winter, they just move somewhere warmer. For example, a lot of bugs will burrow down into trees where they can stay warm and survive. Others may burrow deep underground below the frost line so they don’t freeze.

While they are in these spots, some go into a state similar to hibernation, while others continue to breed and multiply. Some unique pests, such as mosquitoes, even have eggs that can survive in frozen water. As soon as temperatures warm up outside and things start to thaw, their eggs begin hatching.

This means that if you had a lot of pests in your yard and around your home before winter hit, you will probably have high numbers again once things warm up.

Bugs also like to head into your warm home as things cool down, making winter pest control something you may need to consider

As temperatures drop and seasons transition from summer to fall and fall to winter, pests are going to be looking for shelter and a place to stay. Your home is one of the best spots for shelter, and if you’re not careful, food as well.

Bugs can get in the tiniest spaces, and there are plenty of entry points around most homes. A few of the most common entry points are cracks in windows and screens as well as cracks under doors.

A little prevention can go a long way, so make sure you seal windows, and make sure outside doors are closed. For some added protection installing door sweeps can be another cost effective option.

Bugs also tend to sneak in through cracks around your foundation and siding. Once these pests are in your home they tend to hide out in wall voids, crawl spaces and attics.

This brings up the point that even if you might not see a lot of bug activity in your home over the winter, it doesn’t mean you are bug free. These bugs do  the same thing they would outdoors in the winter, which is find a place to overwinter, or even worse, nest and keep breeding.

In addition to a barrier treatment around your home, we would also recommend inside treatments for at least maintenance purposes. This can help keep the pests that didn’t get in out, and the ones that did in check so you don’t have issues when spring time comes.

If you are looking to set up a winter pest control service, be sure to reach out to us at Rove Pest Control.

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