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When Should You Start Your Pest Control Service?

A lot of people don’t know what time of year they should look into starting a pest control service, and if you don’t already have a year round service plan in place, here are a few suggestions of when to start your pest control service.

Why Year Round Pest Control Makes Sense

Many people only use pest control on an as needed basis. This might seem like it would be less expensive, however in a lot of cases it can be more expensive and overall less effective at keeping your home pest free.

Pests are usually an out of sight, out of mind sort of thing, unfortunately just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they aren’t really there. Often times pests enter your home throughout the year and many are either nocturnal or go into hiding most of the time.

When you start to see pests they might already be to the point of overcrowding, meaning there are a lot more that you aren’t seeing that could be in your home. One of the main reasons this can happen is that pests are being left unchecked in your home until they are at the point of causing an issue.

This is one of the reasons we recommend having a year round maintenance program in place, to simply keep pests in check and from getting to the point of causing major issues, rather than waiting until they do, and costing you more time and money to get rid of an infestation.

Beyond a year-round service, look for signs of pest activity

If you decide against having a year-round pest control service in place, the first thing to be aware of are typical signs of pest activity. The biggest and most common reason pests are going to start causing issues in your home is a drastic temperature change or season change.

For example, when weather gets colder in the fall and starts to transition into winter, pests will start looking for places to hide out and hibernate and nest over the winter. Your home is usually a perfect place to do this at.

The same thing can happen as temperatures warm up in spring and summer. During the spring a lot of pests will start to come out of hiding and hibernation as well as their eggs will start to hatch and pests will multiply. In addition to that, during the summer when temperatures are warmer, it’s much easier for pests to come and go form their outside homes to move into your home without restriction.

You should also keep an eye out for new pest activity in your yard as seasons change as some pests will start to become far more active as temperatures either increase or drop, depending on the time of year.

Tenant changes in your home or apartments can be another factor for needing a pest control service

When new people move out or in at your home or apartment complex it can be another time you might need to seriously consider pest control. Often people can bring pests from other locations into your home. Besides that potential, the simple act of moving in and out leaves doors open for extended periods of time on both the move out and move in. This literally opens the door for mice, insects and arachnids to stroll in and find a place to settle down.

For example you might have children coming home for the summer from college, or maybe you have people moving out or in to your apartment complex. Similarly, you may have an occupant in a strip mall moving in and/or out.

Any time there are people coming and going they have the opportunity to bring pests with them such as bed bugs, rodents, and more. This can even happen during the holiday months as people are traveling more and staying in hotels across the world. It is also an especially important factor in spring break travels as it combines the change-in-weather factor with the change-in-occupancy.

These are times to be extra aware of changes that might be occurring in pest activity as well as having setting up a maintenance pest control service to keep things in check that might have come with new residents and visitors.

So if you don’t already have a year round pest control maintenance service in place, we at least recommend getting a treatment done during transition times of the year in order to prevent any issues that may arise from it.

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