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What’s In My Walls?

A common pest issue we encounter is when people have pests inside their walls during the winter.

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Why it sounds like you have an army of pests in your walls

When pests get into your wall voids, it can sound like there are hundreds of animals crawling in your walls. The good news is that this probably isn’t the case.

Wall voids tend to amplify sound and most of the time when you are hearing noises coming from your wall, it is probably only one or two pests. The bad news is that if you leave it unchecked, this might not be the case for long.

Many pests in the wild don’t breed during the winter months and go into hiding and hibernation, which is why you don’t see many too often outside in the wild. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case when they get into your home.

For the most part, these pests aren’t breeding in the wild because they don’t have adequate warmth, food, and shelter to keep their young alive. This isn’t the case when pests are in your home.

Pests wouldn’t be in your home if they didn’t have a food source, and you obviously keep your home warm and stocked with food during the winter.

A lot of pests breed in rather large numbers, so if you have one or two pests that have gotten into your home, it can turn into an issue rather quickly.

Mice, for example, tend to breed new litters about every 21 days and they can have anywhere from 3-14 offspring each time. A lot of other pests are the same so if you do notice pests in your walls or inside your home, it’s not a good idea to leave them unchecked over the winter.

Can you tell what’s in your walls or if you need rodent control?

Most pests have unique noises that they make, so to some extent, you can tell what might be in your wall. However to the untrained ear, it can be hard to tell.

Some basic points of reference though to help identify what pests you may have and to help a pest control service get results faster would be as follows.

Mice, for example, tend to do more gnawing and scratching noises when they are in wall voids. Squirrels tend to make more squeaking and chattering noises while they are in your walls.  However, this isn’t always the most accurate way to know what kind of pests you have, and there can be more types of pests in your wall beyond just mice and squirrels.

Getting all the pests out of your wall voids can be difficult without the proper tools, traps and expertise. This is one reason we recommend hiring a pest control service if you have pest issues like pests in your walls. They can properly identify pests and make sure they use the appropriate and effective treatments to get rid of any issues you may have.

This can save you time, money and headaches that go along with trying to do your own pest control.


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