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What is the relationship between Santa and pests?

Now you might be wondering how a jolly fellow that spreads cheer around the world could have anything to do with creepy pests; well, the answer may surprise you.

What do pests and Santa really have in common?

It might be hard to imagine Santa, of all people, having anything to do with pests, but there are many similarities you might have missed over the years. One is that Santa and pest are looking for many ways to get into your home this holiday season.

While Santa traditionally will use the chimney to enter your home, that might not be an option for everyone – especially apartment dwellers. Luckily, he has magic to use to get in, but pests need to be a bit more creative.

Some pests will also come in through the chimney such as birds, bats, and even some brave rodents, but many choose some easier entry points. A few of the more common entry points this winter are from under door and window gaps, through exhaust and dryer vents, through open doors, and cracks and cervices around your home.

The few pests that are still active in the winter could be lurking a few feet away from your home in your garage, near the trash, or even could be hiding under leaf piles you forgot to clean up before the first snow hit. Any chance they get to sneak into your home, they will be ready.

Many pests are just as stealthy as Santa

Now you may have seen Santa in movies or on the tracking radar iva news shares as he makes his way around the world, but when was the last time you saw him in your home? Just because you didn’t see him, doesn’t mean he wasn’t there, and the same goes for pests.

Most people think that pests aren’t really an issue in the winter and that most die off. It is easy to assume that if they aren’t seen in your home, they aren’t really there. Unfortunately, that isn’t true.

During the winter months, pests do tend to be lest active and are usually in hiding, hibernation, and when left unchecked, continue to breed in large numbers. We recommend having your home treated in the winter as well  as the other seasons as a way to reduce pest numbers and to help prevent any issues come spring time.

Pests are looking for free snacks and treats just like Santa

As most people will be leaving cookies and milk out this year for Santa, pests will be looking for handouts as well.  While Santa might not create a big mess or cause problems from snacking on a few cookies in the middle of the night, unwanted pests certainly can.

On a more serious note, there are some things you can do to prevent pest issues while still leaving Santa his Christmas cookies and milk. Pests need 3 major things to survive in your home, food, water, and shelter.

The last thing you’ll want to do is leave out food sources constantly for them to have easy access to. It’s probably not a huge deal leaving out cookies one night for Santa, but if you are constantly leaving out trays of snacks and goodies out during this holiday season, it could be a potential all-you-can-eat buffet for pests.

We highly recommend properly storing food in containers that can be sealed to prevent any sort of access to food for pests that may be hiding out in your home this winter. When you eliminate their food and water sources, you can greatly reduce pest activity.

Implement these pest control tips learned from Santa to help keep your home pest free this winter!

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