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What is a locust?

You might have heard of a locust before, maybe in biblical texts as a plague, but do they still exist? This post answers “What is a locust?”and “Do they still exist?”and some facts about locust.

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What is a locust? Locusts are very similar to grasshoppers

Locusts are a kind of species of grasshopper and can gather in large swarms. The biggest thing that separates locusts from your average grasshopper is that they occasionally can gather in massive numbers and swarms.

Thankfully, this often doesn’t happen, but in the stories of them in the bible for example, that would have been one of those times they did gather in massive swarms.

They have been considered a form of plague because if they do swarm in large numbers, their groups can do massive damage to crops. In some cases large groups of locusts have been credited for famines throughout history, even dating back to ancient Egypt.

Do locusts still exist?

Locusts do in fact still exist, but their swarming behavior has dramatically decreased over time. One reason for this may be because humans have better technology to track these pests before things get out of hand.

Unfortunately, in some parts of the world, locusts can still cause major problems. As recently as the early 2000’s locusts have caused plague like damage throughout parts of Africa.

Modern technology in both detection and pest treatment have also helped to greatly reduce significant damages from locusts. Taking out the locust swarms before they get out of hand with insecticides has significantly lowered incidents of plague level problems.

No crops, No problem

Some cultures around the world do eat insects as a regular food source, and locusts make it on the list. In most Western societies and cultures, eating locusts and insects isn’t commonplace, but throughout many places in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, it is normal.

This practice of eating locusts might have come about to combat the damages their large swarms had done throughout history. Without efficient means of destroying these pests, in ancient times, locusts may have become one of the few food sources available.

Locusts are often prepared by either smoking, frying, or drying them out. Who know’s? Maybe we’ll start seeing deep fried locusts next to the deep fried candy bars at the state fair…but probably not.

Don’t live in fear, pest control is here!

Thankfully with modern advances of tracking and pest control, you won’t need to worry much about issues from locusts. It is interesting to note though, how uncontrolled pests like locusts could end up wiping out entire crops and cause famine when left unchecked.

Virtually eliminating locust problems is just one of the many benefits of pest control in the modern age. Now we pretty much just get to read about locust problems in the history books vs having to deal with them today.

Leaving any kind of pest unchecked can lead to pest issues in your home and for society at large, and out of control locust swarms are just one example throughout history. Be sure to have your home treated for pests, so you won’t have to deal with localized pest issues and to keep your home pest free.

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