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What does “Pest Control” really mean vs what you might think it means

People sometimes get the misconception that pest control means that a pest will never be seen again in their home if they hire a pest control service. It would be great if that were true, but the reality is slightly different.

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What you should expect to see depends on what pest issues you already have

Pest activity can vary after a treatment from a pest control service depending on how severe the pest issue was. A common treatment from a pest control service includes creating a barrier of product around the home to keep pests out.

This doesn’t mean that pests will never again enter the home or that you will never again see pests but when pests pass through it they will die shortly after. This does mean that they will not be around long enough to nest and create an infestation in your home.

Also if you already have a pest issue, it can take multiple treatments to completely remove the pests. For example one treatment may kill off the current pests that are active, but they may have nested and it will take time to get rid of their eggs and finish off the rest of their life cycle.

“Control” means different things to different clients

Another thing that is helpful to understand is that your definition of control will determine how much and how many pest control treatments you will need. The degree of acceptance of pests of where you are having treated is another factor.

For example if you owned a restaurant a fruit fly here and there may be acceptable, but any rodents or cockroach sightings would be unacceptable.   Again, in your home, it may be acceptable to see an ant every now and then but an ant infestation all over your home would not be.

The first step is to determine what level of pest activity you are willing to accept and then adjust your service and treatments accordingly. Have proper expectations and understand that it takes time to “control” pests in and around your home.

Location of the pests is another factor in the treatments needed from a pest control service

Where pests are located around your home or business can also cause the treatment time and expectations for results to change as well. There is a big difference in treating pests outside of your home or business vs treating the ones that are already inside causing problems.

Different products and treatments can be used outside the home that may be dangerous to use inside the home. On top of that, think of it like maintaining a pest free home vs trying to clean it out when there is already an infestation.

It’s like staying in shape. If you are already in shape it is easier to maintain that with less effort than to completely transform yourself from being out of shape to running a 5 minute mile.

With pest control, it is the same concept. It takes time and most likely multiple treatments if you have an infestation of pests and if you only have a few occasional sightings it probably will take less to maintain the level of “control” you are looking for.


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