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What does harvest time have to do with pest control?

Most people don’t make the connection of harvest time and needing pest control, but there are several reasons this can increase pest activity.

There are several pests that are related to crops and farming

Pests of all kinds tend to feed off of crops and food grown on farms and in gardens. Common pests like ants, asian beetles, moths, fleas, moles, voles, mice, stinkbugs and more, will eat plants, worms, other insects feeding on plants, and live on rodents feeding on plants and vegetables throughout out the summer months and growing season.

Now if you don’t have a farm or a garden you might feel like these pests wouldn’t need to be of any concern for you, unfortunately that is not the case. When harvest time comes and the farmers cut down and harvest their crops the main food source  and shelter of these pests will go away.

At this point, these farm pests will be looking for a new source of food and they will spread out into the community looking for it. An unsuspecting home is the perfect place for food and shelter for many of these pests.

In addition to the removal of the food source at harvest time, temperature plays a factor as well

Season changes bring about the most migration for pests. When it gets hot out, or cold out like during harvest time, pests tend to relocate to a more suitable environment. Many insects and rodents, can’t survive the outdoors during the winter without the right shelter. As temperatures drop at harvest time, pests start to seek out hibernation locations they can live at during the winter.

Most of the time, fall is a time of year when you are able to turn off the A/C and leave the windows and doors open. Unfortunately this is basically inviting pests into your home. A few things you can do is to make sure your screens don’t have holes, and you seal other entry points.

A couple quick fixes you can use is to get a door sweep to reduce the gaps under doors so pests can’t get in. Sealing cracks you can see around your foundations and around windows can help reduce pests getting in your home as well.

Why hire a pest control service?

Sealing your home or “exclusion” can be a long and tedious process, and it can be costly as well. Even if you do a good job there can be cracks you might not even see or have access to, like in your foundation for example. Even though it is buried some pests can still get in though the cracks underground.

So while exclusion helps to reduce numbers, it isn’t always 100% effective. If you aren’t professionally trained and know what to look for, it can cost you more time and money than it’s worth. We recommend hiring a professional pest control service to save you time and money and get better results preventing pests from getting into your home.

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