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What do mice do in the summer?

In most cases we don’t really hear about rodent and mice issues during the summer; it’s usually during the winter, so what do mice do in the summer?

Why mice and rodent issues usually happen in the winter

As temperatures start to drop during the fall rodents and mice start to look for new places to live that can provide adequate food and shelter over the winter. When it gets colder, food sources start to thin out and living outside starts to become deadly.

In their search for new places to live, we oftentimes end up letting mice into our home with open arms. It only takes the smallest of spaces for mice and rodents to get into your home – around a 1/4th of an inch.

So as temperatures become more manageable, most people tend to leave windows and doors open. This is a welcome invitation to rodents to come on in for the winter.

Typically rodents and mice won’t breed during the winter unless they have an ample food source and adequate shelter. In your home, they have both, so they tend to cause issues and breed rather quickly, which is again why most people tend to have mice problems in the winter.

Why it’s important to treat for mice and rodents in the summer

Most of the situations that cause mice to move into your home in the winter are readily available outdoors in the summer, which is why you rarely hear about rodent issues in the summer. However, just because they aren’t in your home doesn’t mean the aren’t up to no good.

With ample shelter and food sources, mice and rodents are allowed to breed and multiply relatively unchecked throughout the summer. They have plenty of space to live outdoors, and with temperatures warm enough rodents feel safe enough to procreate as much as possible.

During summer months mice also typically feed off of crops and live in fields. Sometimes, they build shelters underground close to food sources. Mice can reproduce multiple times a year, sometimes as much as 10 times a year.

Interestingly, mice can even become pregnant after as little as two days after giving birth. This is why when they are left unchecked during the summer months, they can quickly build up large numbers.

This spring and summer population growth can lead to a larger issue during the winter months as they are looking to move to a safer place to live like your home.

Mice can cause issues in the summer in your home as well

In most cases people have rodent issues in their home during the winter, but mice can cause issues during the summer as well. The usual places where rodents hide during the winter such as attics and in between walls can become incredibly hot during the summer months.

Mice will then choose to move to a cooler location and can end up causing problems and making a home for themselves in cooler places like your basement or behind cabinets during the summer months.

Moving bait stations and traps to cooler places and outdoors on the exterior of your home can be an effective way to reduce mouse and rodent numbers before winter.

Exclusion is another step you should focus on during summer months to make sure there aren’t exterior entry points for rodents to get into come fall. Sealing cracks and crevices and properly having windows and screens sealed and in proper condition can help you reduce issues as well.

Exclusion and constantly baiting traps can be tedious and expensive and having them done by a professional pest control service can save you time and money.

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