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What do gutters have to do with pest control?

Cleaning your gutters is a chore, but what do gutters have to do with pest control, and can keeping them clean prevent some pest issues?

Gutters are a great place for harborage (shelter for pests)

Depending on the time of year, gutters can become a great harborage point for a variety of different pests. During the spring and summer months, gutters can collect standing water and this can become a breeding ground for pests.

Mosquitoes, for example, lay their eggs in stagnant standing water. Gutters left alone during the spring and summer can create ideal locations for mosquitoes to breed and multiply.

Mosquito’s eggs can also be frozen in water and survive over the winter. With temperatures as low as the mid 50’s those eggs can start to hatch, meaning if you don’t clean out your gutters in the fall or leave standing water, you can be setting yourself up for higher numbers come spring and summer.

During the fall can be another time that can create a harborage location for pests in your gutters. As leaves fall and gutters become packed, it can not only provide shelter, but also a food source for pests.

Dirty gutters can attract wasps

Another issue dirty gutters can cause in the summer and fall is attracting wasps. Wasps usually feed on other insects or at the very least their larva does, depending on the species.

When gutters are left dirty and clogged with leaves and other debris, it can be a breeding factory for other smaller insects and pests and they become an easy food source for wasps.

In-turn, this can cause wasps to create nests around your home as they now have easy access to an abundant food source.

Snow covered gutters are great tunnels for pests

Snow covered gutters are almost like the sky-ways in some cities. They stay insulated during the winter and create perfect walkways for rodents and pests like voles.

Depending on how close your home is to other homes they can also create a quick jump for pests to move from house to house. Especially during winter months if pests decide to tunnel into snow covered gutters.

Voles tend to create tunnels like these in your yard as well during the winter and can cause damage to your yard. Come spring time as the snow melts, you can have extensive damage when the snow melts.

Cleaning out your gutters can go a long way to prevent a variety of pest issues year round. So if it’s leaves, snow, or excess water, keeping your gutters clean can be a simple solution towards eliminating many pest issues.

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