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What Can Pests Tell Us?

My wife and I took a trip south to escape the long Minnesota winter. I haven’t decided whether this makes the cold more bare-able or worse by comparison on return. Nonetheless, it is the tradition for our anniversary. During this trip, we encountered a large walking stick and had fun discussions about its odd nature. During this conversation, it raised a leg and waved at us as if to say hello. This made me wonder what can pests tell us?

walking stick bug

What Can Pests Tell Us About Food?

The most common thing I point out to people is the presence of food. Each pest has a different story to tell. It would take volumes to cover all of them, but here are some key pest food messages:

  • mice – they have access to our food or our pets food
  • ants – that trail leads to a carbohydrate, protein, or fat source
  • spiders – other arachnids or insects are present in greater abundance

What Can Pests Tell Us About the Weather?

The messages about the weather can vary as much from season to season as it can from pest to pest but include:

  • Moles – changes from tunnels to piles of dirt are winter precursors
  • Asian Beetles – Their appearance indicates night temps below 40
  • Mosquitoes – ankle bites indicate a container is catching rainfall

What Can Pests Tell Us About Solving Their Presence?

Pests can tell us many things. Listening to them can tell us what we need to adjust to keep things balanced. The pest consultants at Rove Pest Control can translate these pest messages into actionable solutions. This allows us to customize the solution to maximize your benefit and minimize the time to reach optimal conditions to keep pests away. As with this friendly walking stick, when pests wave hello, call us and we’ll join you in waving bye-bye to the unwanted critters.