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What A Mid-Winter Warm Up Means For Pest Control?

As temperatures warm up for a bit here this winter, a few interesting things happen with pests. There are some things you should be aware of when it comes to winter pest control.

Make sure there aren’t hidden pests around your yard and home

Voles for example, are one pest that stays active during the winter months. They usually hide out under snow piles and mounds and other areas around you yard. As the snow melts off a bit with a few warmer weeks here and there this winter, one thing you should do is check over your yard for voles and other pests that may have been hiding under the snow.

Voles have been known to hide out under snow piles, around gardens, tree bases, near rock walls, around bushes, etc.  These pests don’t stop eating and causing damage just because it’s winter so when some of the snow melts be sure to flush them out so you don’t have issues come spring time.

Other pests start to become active when things heat up as well. Just like when temperatures drop in the fall and pests try and move in to your home for shelter and food, when things warm in the winter they will also try and relocate to better conditions.

Mild Weather Makes Pests Move

In addition to voles and rodents looking for better locations and food sources, other pest issues happen when things warm up. Mice, for example, will tend to move from an outside sheltered area like a garage or shed into your home or attic.

With temperatures warm enough to venture outside, these pests often opt in for an upgrade of location. Most mice and rodents also choose not to breed and reproduce in the wild during colder months, but if they can get inside a warmer location like your house, that is a different story.

Mice, for example, breed incredibly fast in as little as 21 days and each litter can contain anywhere from 3 to 14 mice. This could turn a few warm days into a rodent outbreak in your home if you aren’t careful or prepared.

Other pests like insects that live inside your walls and cracks and crevices also can take advantage of a mid-winter warm up. They tend to move deeper into your house and make a more secure home for themselves. This allows them more access to food sources in your home as well as the opportunity to breed.

This is another reason why we recommend at least a winter pest control maintenance program because a few warm days can let pests gain access that weren’t there before as well as allow pests that were already in start to breed and reproduce.

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