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Ways to Prevent Bugs from Coming into Your Home for the Winter

As you may already know, fall and winter are prime time for pests trying to enter your home. This post is about effective ways to prevent bugs from coming into your home for the winter.

Winter Pest Prevention: Home Exclusion Techniques Explained

Most pest issues in your home are going to come from outside. Once inside, they’ll find a place to nest and begin to reproduce. Preventing pests from getting into your home can go a long way to preventing future pest issues.

The best way to prevent bugs from coming into your home is to seal entry points around your home. These are the most common ways that pests end up getting in your home.

When seasons change, pests tend to look for better locations to live and survive. When temperatures get colder, pests need to find new sources of food, water, and shelter. In most cases, that’s going to end up being inside homes.

Pest control tip to keep pests out of your home this winter: Remove excess debris from around your home

Pests, for the most part, spread from things that are adjacent to their current nesting and resting spots. This means they can spread quickly in close quarters locations like college dorms, apartments, storage units, and other similar facilities. Also, if their current home is touching your house, they can spread into your home as well.

A few examples of where pests like to hide out but could easily transfer to your home are areas like wood piles, leaf piles, plants surrounding your home, close tree branches, and even dirty gutters. Proper yard upkeep can go a long way to keeping pests out of your home.

Fall clean up of your yard should be a priority before winter sets in to keep bugs from coming into your home for the winter at a minimum.

Low cost exclusion tips for ways to prevent bugs from coming into your home for the winter

There are a few things you can do to seal entry points around your home. One common area pests get into your home is underneath doors.

You can purchase door sweeps to place under your doors to make the gaps underneath too small for bugs and pests to get in. Some pests like spiders and bugs can enter your home with a gap as small as 1/8th of an inch. Other pests like rodents and mice can get in with a gap as small as 1/4th of an inch.

Another common entry point is through windows via either broken screens or small gaps in closed windows. Be sure to check for holes on any screened-in windows or doors as that is an easy entry point for pests.

Having your screens repaired as well as adding weather stripping to windows and doors can help tighten up any entry points and help you keep pests out.

Also, be sure to check over any exit points from your home like dryer vents or exhaust fan vents. These are common areas where rodents and mice tend to get into people’s homes. Having a well-maintained screen over these vents, and/or a cover over them can help keep pests out as well. In a recent situation, a homeowner did not realize their dryer vent was stuck ajar until blowflies and their maggots were crawling out through the dryer after consuming a mouse that had died inside of the dryer exhaust tube.

Having a pest control service help with exclusion as well as setting up a product barrier can help keep pests out this winter

Setting up exclusion effectively on your own can be quite time consuming and tedious as there can be all kinds of cracks and entry points in the foundation and walls of your home. Some pest control services do this for you as a service, however while exclusion can be very effective it can almost be impossible to seal each and every possible entry point around your home.

Exclusion is a good place to start, but with the help of a trained pest control service, you can also implement having a barrier treatment put around your home as well. This can help keep pests from nesting and breeding in your home this winter.

This barrier won’t keep all bugs out, but when they do pass through the barrier, they will die soon after preventing them from taking up room and board in your home over the winter. Bugs and pests nesting in your home can cause multiple pest issues over the winter as well as during the spring, so it’s important to set this barrier up to take a proactive approach to keep your home pest free this winter.

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