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The Valentine’s Day Gift That Keeps on Giving: Pest Control

It’s that time of year again and if you are like me you are either going to forget about Valentine’s Day only to be reminded the day before or the morning of or you will think about it for days and weeks ahead of time clueless as to what to get your significant other and the result will be the same; Valentine’s Eve or the morning of you will be rushing to find that perfect gift. The challenge is that we have all been in this position before. It’s hard to be original and thoughtful. Most of us aren’t great romantics…or we forgot how to be after years of being with a loved one. Never mind the fact that we have busy lives and things like birthdays, anniversaries and holidays sneak up on us.

So let’s approach this holiday a little different this year. Sure, I would recommend the following as a good bet for a great result every year; flowers, dinner, and chocolate. That’s easy. These things are almost expected. Fail on these three Valentine’s Day fundamentals and you just may be labeled a hopeless cause. It’s kind of like taking out the trash; you have to take care of what’s expected and realize that you are not going to get the proverbial “pat on the back” because it’s just part of the job/expectation. No, let’s earn some brownie points this year with a gift that keeps on giving all year; pest control!

Pest control. The reaction to this suggestion might be surprising. Why pest control you say? Well, let me explain. Rarely do we get the chance to give a gift that takes care of a task all year. Let’s be honest, as the man of the house pest control is like taking out the trash; you are the individual expected to take care of it. But, there are two problems with this job. First, you don’t know the first thing about how to keep the spiders out of the house. Your idea of taking care of spiders includes a shoe and quick reflexes. And if you have a mouse in the house; good luck. In both cases your wife is ticked because a varmint invaded her space and you can’t win. Second, doing routine pest control maintenance ranks up there with fixing that squeaky screen door on the priority list. You get reminded about it and you always find a reason to do ANYTHING else.

Finding a pest control service is easy. Do a google search. Check the reviews for local companies. Pick a company that provides a routine maintenance plan and guarantees its work between regularly scheduled visits. Next, make sure you make reservations at that special restaurant. Buy the flowers and the chocolates. Bam! Valentine’s Day 2016 is taken care of and that special someone will love it. And the best part is when a pest issue reveals itself you can say, “Honey, call the pest control company!” Happy Valentine’s Day!