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Using Feral Cats For Do It Yourself Pest Control

There are a lot of do-it-yourself pest control methods out there. Some people took a unique approach to this idea, and decided to bring in some cats for help.

The environment you live in can lead to more common rodent issues

Rodents tend to stick around and cause issues if they have food, shelter, and water. Often times there are a variety of places they can get these in the wild. In the winter these options tend to dwindle, making rodents focus on your home.

Some of the best do-it-yourself pest control things you can do should be focused on prevention and knowing where rodent issues commonly come from. If you live near construction sites or buildings that are being demolished, you should be especially aware of developments and changes as this can release rodents into local areas as buildings are finished or demolished.

Big cities like Chicago and New York tend to deal with issues like this more frequently as there is constant construction where buildings are torn down and new ones built. Even if you don’t live near places where there are things like this going on, understanding your environment still plays a large role in preventing rodent issues.

Sanitation should come first

Proper sanitation should be your main focus when it comes to keeping rodents out of your home and yard. If there isn’t a food source or shelter these rats and other rodents won’t stick around long near your home.

One cause of attracting pests and rodents is not properly cleaning up after pets. If you have dogs, be sure to clean up after them. If you leave their excrement around your yard, this can attract rats. Most people don’t think about cleaning up after their dogs as a form of pest control, but it really is.

Another area of do it yourself pest control, is making sure your garbage is properly sealed and stored. If pests and rodents can get into your garbage, it can give them an easy access food source and give them a reason to stick around.

Using cats as a form of do it yourself pest control

In some cities like Chicago, a few residents have taken do-it-yourself pest control to a whole new level. They’ve introduced feral cats into the mix as a form of natural pest control. The idea is that by adding a natural predator into the environment, they can help to keep rodents in check.

This can certainly work to thin out some of the rodent numbers. However, it also introduces more maintenance and clean up problems. For one thing, these wild cats do need to be trained to stay in your yard, which there isn’t really any guarantee that will work.

Also, when they do kill rodents in your yard, they don’t always eat them so you may end up with a bunch of dead rodents all over your yard from feral cats sport hunting. You will also need to set up a litter box and outdoor shelter for them to stay during the colder winter months, which you then would have to up keep and clean up as well. The biggest kicker may be the fact that feral cats also like to make more cats which then can become a pest of its own; just ask Australia.

So if adopting 3 or 4 cats isn’t something you would want to do normally, it really shouldn’t be something you should do as part of your do-it-yourself pest control program either. If it makes sense as part of your lifestyle, then by all means you can try out putting cats in your yard, but for the most part we recommend reaching out to a pest control service to help take care of rodent issues.

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