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Unseen Things: Bed Bugs

When you go to sleep at night, you should be left undisturbed. Unfortunately, there are parasites called bed bugs which have evolved alongside humans over thousands of years. Bed bugs are uniquely designed to go undetected and masterfully infiltrate sleeping quarters.

What you don’t see steals your sleep

Bed bugs are visible to the naked eye. They are about the same size and shape as a watermelons seed. Despite this, bed bugs are masters at hiding. This hiding ability is most relevant in their hitchhiking abilities and lurking around resting areas. As itchy and/or unsightly welts develop from their bites, people fighting bed bugs oftentimes experience discomfort and anxiety that robs them of sound sleep.

Unseen hitchhikers

The bed bug flat shape and small size is ideal for catching a ride with people from one place to another. Bed bugs conceal themselves in places such as:

  • Purses and handbags
  • Inside electronics
  • Luggage
  • Books
  • Boxes and other cardboard constructions
  • Shoe tread
  • 2nd hand furniture

Unseen Feeders

Most people imagine bed bugs deep inside the mattress. The reality is bed bugs are typically much closer to the open than this. Bed bugs are efficient creatures and will travel just as far from the blood source as needed to avoid detection. As population pressures increase, they will spread farther out from the host. Typical places bed bugs hide include:

  • Mattress seams, folds, and stitching
  • Bed frame joints, wheels, and space between bed frame and box spring
  • Throughout box springs
  • Behind head boards, wall decorations, and molding
  • Voids in walls, electronics, and storage
  • Furniture where lounging occurs

Unseen wisdom in old rhymes

“Sleep tight. Don’t let the bed bugs bite!” Grandma used to say. Just because it is a cute saying doesn’t mean it isn’t sage advice. In order to sleep soundly and well, it is critical to ensure the bed bugs are not able to bite. From inspection and identification services to bed bug proof mattress covers and population elimination, Rove Pest Control biting insect specialists have your slumber protection down to a science.

Solve the Autostereogram

Give the autostereogram focus challenge a try. For tips on seeing it, go here. Otherwise, you can just scroll through the original image and then the hidden image is found below.