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Top 5 Fall Pest Control Tips To Avoid Pests

As seasons change, pest activity typically goes up, and fall is no exception. In this post, you’ll learn the top 5 fall pest control tips to avoid pests in and around your home.

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Fall pest control tips: Trim shrubs and branches away from your home

With the full growth of summer coming to an end, many plants and shrubs around your home may be getting a little close to your home. It might not seem like a big deal, but this can actually be a common cause of pests getting into your home.

Many pests live on and around plants, trees, and shrubs. The closer these things are to your home the easier it is for pests to get access to the inside your home.

You probably already know as your home ages that it develops tiny cracks around it which can actually let pests in. So if there are branches hanging near your home or plants touching it, it can be a quick way in for pests.

This also applies to bigger pests as well. A tree branch a few feet away from your home can still be an easy jump for pests to make their way onto and inside your home.

So be sure to keep your plants, bushes, trees, and shrubs trimmed to keep pests away from your home.

Keep your grass trimmed and remove leftover grass clippings to avoid pest issues

There are several reasons why keeping your grass trimmed can keep away pests. One reason is that short grass gives some pests less options for cover.

Pests like ticks and small rodents like to hide in tall grasses. In addition to that, if you leave your grass tall at the end of fall and snow hits, you could be leaving an ample barrier for pests to survive.

With that extra window of insulation, many pests can survive under the snow throughout the winter as the temperatures remain just warm enough to survive. This means you could end up finding your yard destroyed from pests like moles and voles come spring time after the snow melts.

Check for water collection points around your home

Pests require food, water, and shelter to survive, and you may unknowingly be providing water sources to drink and breed in. Many pest utilize standing water to drink as well as lay eggs in.

Mosquitoes in particular frequent these standing water points. Excess moisture in general, also attracts pests, so removing standing water points should be a priority during the fall.

By finding standing water points and eliminating them in the fall this can reduce pest issues during the spring as well. Points where water collects in the fall may be minimal, but when the winter snow melts they will be many times worse.

Knowing where these water points are in the fall and acting accordingly can help you greatly reduce them come spring time. Many pests build up numbers before winter as well, so by not leaving them unchecked it can reduce pest issues moving forward as well as in the current season.

Check seals and entry points around your home

As your home settles and temperatures shift between seasons, your home will develop new cracks and crevices. Seals around doors and windows can crack and shift as well.

These tiny openings may not seem like much, but with gaps as little of 1/8th of an inch, insect pests can get in. Rodents can sneak in with holes as small as 1/4th of an inch as well.

Weather stripping and other kinds of seals also just simply deteriorate over time. So be sure to check them around your home before temperatures really start to shift.

Any time there is a major temperature or season change, pests tent to look for new places to live, or upgrade their living situation. Unfortunately, this usually means they are going to attempt to enter your home.

Focus on exclusion

Finally, the last major step of keeping pests out this fall is to focus on exclusion. This ties in with checking seals around your home, but this is actually sealing them.

There are a variety of places pests can enter your home this fall. They can sneak in through windows, broken screens, under doors, and more. You may also have cracks and entry points near where pipes and wiring enters your home.

As a pest control service, we can do minor exclusion activities, but as a pest control service, we wouldn’t be doing major home repairs. We can recommend steps you can take and where you should focus your exclusion efforts, but depending on the severity of the entry points you may need to seek out home repair or remodeling experts.

Implement these 5 fall pest control tips to reduce pest issues this season! For any major pest issues also be sure to reach out to us at Rove Pest control, for all your pest removal needs.

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