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Top 3 Fall Pest Concerns

Fall is prime time for pests, and their activity greatly increases. In this post, you’ll learn the top 3 fall pest concerns you should look out for.

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Wasps are a dangerous fall pest

Most pests are just gross and annoying, but some pests like wasps can actually be dangerous as well. Wasps are a fall pest that become more aggressive as temperatures become cold.

With falling leaves accumulating around your home and in your gutters, it becomes a high activity ground for pests. The decaying leaves and moisture that collects along with them provides a food source, water source, and shelter source for many pests.

Wasps seek these areas out because the small insects and pests can become a great food source for their larva. On top of that, many abundant food sources become more sparse during the fall, so pests become more aggressive in competing for the same food sources.

With wasps being more aggressive as well as building nests closer to your home, fall becomes a dangerous time for wasp encounters. Wasps are already aggressive by nature and tend to sting defensively in packs, and fall makes that worse.

So take the prevention steps of clearing out your gutters and leaf piles this fall before it’s too late. If you do already have wasp issues, be sure to reach out to a pest control service like us at Rove Pest Control to remove them.

Wasps can be very dangerous and if you are allergic, even deadly, so be careful around them.

Moles and voles are another fall pest that can cause excess damage if left unchecked

Moles and voles are another common fall pest that can cause issues this season. Most people don’t think about moles and voles as a fall or winter pest, but when they are left unchecked that’s when they can do a lot of damage.

Moles eat insects, and worms and other critters that live underground. These pests will burrow and create tunnels digging for their meals, which as a side effect, damages your yard. Now when winter hits, these pests have to burrow deeper underground below the frost line to survive and reach their food. If you allow leaves to remain on the surface, it can trap warmth allowing the moles more time to do further damage.

Voles, on the other hand, feed on grasses, shrubs, roots and similar items. When grass growth slows down in the fall, they can eat faster than the growth leaving lawn damage. When leaves cover the lawn, they are free to continue eating with the covered protection from predators.

So be sure to upkeep your yard throughout the fall, otherwise these fall pests could do a lot of damage.

Mice and rodents are other fall pest troublemakers

Most pests see the season changes as a signal to seek out new shelter opportunities, and mice and rodents are no different. If you don’t prep your home accordingly, these fall pests can take over.

Mice and rodents typically target places like your home, garage, and sheds. If you haven’t prepared those areas these fall pests can pack in and multiply.

Fall pests like rodents can squeeze into your home in spaces as little as 1/4th of an inch. You’ll want to seal entry points and be aware of common places these pests sneak in.

Some common entry points are under doors, dryer vents, and holes where wires and things like air conditioner tubes enter your home. You can also put bait traps in place around your home to take out these fall pests.

The downside to this is that if you don’t put the traps in the right place, or use the wrong bait, it could do nothing, or even worse, attract more rodents in the the areas you put the traps. This is another reason we recommend using a pest control service like us at Rove Pest Control to get rid of fall pests like rodents and mice.

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