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Tick prevention and tick removal tips

Tick prevention is something you should know this time of year as ticks are most active during the summer.

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How to prevent ticks – Tick prevention tips

A great way how to prevent ticks when you are in the wilderness, is to start by staying out of deeply wooded areas and tall grass. These are the main kinds of areas that ticks live in, so you want to avoid places like those as much as possible and stick to the trails. When you are hiking and camping, the more you can stay in the areas that have been cleared the better.

With tick prevention for pets, you should follow the same strategy. When ticks get on your pets, it can be harder to find and remove them. Be sure to keep a close eye on your pets if you bring them with you on camping trips or outdoor activities. Ticks can carry many diseases for both you and your pets so be on the lookout this summer.

How to prevent ticks – Tick removal from your clothes and body

Your first goal is going to be tick prevention, and keeping them from latching on to you. It’s much easier to get rid of ticks from you or your pets before they bite and latch on. You want to take a shower or bath as soon as you can after you are in wooded areas or tall grass. You will be able to spot and remove ticks before they become a problem by doing this.

Check over your pets and camping gear and clothes as well after your trip. Ticks may be hiding out in these places so be aware and closely look over your things before you pack them away in your home. Cleaning your clothes or at least putting them in the dryer is another thing you can do for tick removal and tick prevention. The high heat in your dryer will kill the ticks so even if they survive the wash cycle you should kill them after putting them through your dryer.

Tick removal after a bite

If a tick has already latched on to and bit you or your pet, there are some tools you will need to remove them. You should get tweezers to remove the tick and rubbing alcohol to kill the tick once removed. You want to grab the tick by the head and gently pull in a straight angle away from your pet. If you try and twist or pull at random angles you can risk leaving parts of the tick behind which can lead to diseases getting into you or your pets.

Also you will want to disinfect the bite with rubbing alcohol after the tick has been removed. Once removed you can kill the tick by placing it in a jar with rubbing alcohol. You may want to keep the tick for few days as well, in case you or your pets start to show any signs of infection or symptoms after a bite. It can be useful to either the doctor or vet if you have the tick and it can be examined to assist with you or your pets treatment. 

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