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The Top 10 Highest Paid Pests

Ever thought about the highest paid bug celebrities and who comes in at the top? Well, in this post we break down some of the highest paid bug celebrities based on their box office debuts.

The categories range from kid friendly films to horror films, and even some sci-fi adventure movies. We picked a few of the well known bug movies, as well as some obscure movies you may not have heard of.

It seems like the highest paid pests tend to be from kids movies. These are more friendly bugs, but be on the lookout for the scary bugs as well.

Top 10 Highest Paid Pest Celebrities

1. Flik – A Bugs Life – 363.3 million USD  –  Whether inspired by conflict between the ants and the grasshoppers or the feud between Pixar and Dreamworks, Flik found his inspiration to push to the top of the anthill in bug celebrities. 

2. Hopper – A Bugs Life – 363.3 million USD  –  It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the character doubling demands for his gang would be the one to get the jump on his fellow villains from across the silver screen. 

3. Harry the mosquito – A Bugs Life – 363.3 million USD  – Maybe not the first celebrity to be consumed by the lights and glamour of show business, but definitely illuminated into bug lore by his quick flight toward the top. 

4. Barry the Bee – A Bee Movie – 287.6 million USD  –  Known for his human interactions, it is rumored that Barry’s secrets to success are somehow linked to some writers behind some key 90’s sitcoms.

5. Z – Antz – 171.8 million USD – As the middle child of 5 million, it seems fitting Z would come in at the middle spot of number 5. He beat the odds as being the only ant to stand out and make it big time. Deep-rooted anxiety ended up keeping him from offing the contemporary Flik.

6. Princess Bala – Antz – 171.8 million USD  –  She may have been better off sticking with her lot as royalty instead of chasing stardom. Coming in behind her fling counterpart Z, one has to question who carried who to the top ten list.

Not as much the kid flicks

7. Space bugs from Starship Troopers – 54.8 Million USD  –  Johnny Rico captured the hearts of millions. It was the millions of captures by the space bugs that really gave Johnny a path to follow.

8. Spiders from Arachnophobia 53.2 million USD  –  The docile member of the crab-spider family stole the show by putting down some serious acting skills coming across as fierce and stealthy creatures of death. These famous Avondale spiders forever changed how the world sees toilets.

9. “Judas” bugs from Mimic – 25.5 million USD  –  Known for their ability to adapt to the conditions, the Judas bugs wouldn’t be kept down in the sewers of bug lore, but would surely rise into the top earners list.

10. Singing cockroaches from Joe’s Apartment – 4.619 million USD  –  We have to wonder if they would have crawled higher on the list considering their musical talent had they kept their promise to Joe.

Keep the pests in the movies not your home

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