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The ant and the grasshopper story and what it means to you

There’s an old fable about the ant and the grasshopper. It’s a story about hard work, and there is some truth to it with real life ants.

What the ant and the grasshopper has to do with the changing of the seasons and pest control

As the seasons change, most pests begin to move into survival mode and start looking for places to overwinter. In the ant and the grasshopper, the grasshopper plays and goofs off all summer. The ant, however, works hard and gathers food to prepare for winter.

This is what happens with ants and other pests as the season changes; unfortunately they tend to choose your home as their place of shelter for the winter season. It’s important to take steps towards pest proofing your home as one season transitions to the next. For a great article on pest proofing your home click here!

What to look out for when you see ants in or around your home

When ants enter your home, they usually start by sending out a few scouts to search for an adequate food source and a place to hide out for the winter. If you see any of these scouts, be sure to kill them. Once they find food, they’ll use pheromones to attract the rest of their colony into your home.

Be sure to focus on properly sealing any containers that have food in them. You should also make sure to wash all dishes and counters as soon as possible after handling food to avoid attracting ants. Exclusion should also be a priority for eliminating entry points around your home. If you aren’t familiar with that term, it means properly sealing all cracks and entry points for pests around your home.

Most people aren’t trained in doing this exclusion correctly and often leave many openings for ants and other pests to get in their home. At Rove Pest Control, one of the services we provide is properly finding entry points around your home and helping you to seal them properly.

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