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Spring Cleaning Tips To Reduce Pest Activity

With spring in full swing, it’s time to do some spring cleaning so you can prevent pest issues and reduce pest activity before issues happen.

Lawn care tips to reduce pest activity

Pests like to hide out in your yard, and depending on how well you do spring cleaning, it can determine how many pest issues you end up having this summer. First things first, your goal should be to eliminate harborage locations (a.k.a hiding places and shelter) in your yard.

Keeping your yard mowed and grass short is one step you can do to eliminate one common harborage location. Many pests like to live and hide in tall grasses, and when you don’t keep it trimmed, it can lead to pest issues.

A couple of common pests that like to hang out in tall grasses are fleas and ticks. So keeping your lawn kept up can help keep your pets safe as well.

Another area of lawn care comes in the form of picking up debris like leaf piles around your yard.  Ticks and earwigs like to hide out under leaf piles as well, but in addition to that, it can attract pests like termites, beetles, and even mice or other rodents. Cleaning up these piles is another chore that should be done during spring cleaning if you missed it in the fall before snow hit, or if debris from your neighbor’s yard somehow found its way over to yours in the season transition.

Trimming trees and keeping other debris away from your home can help keep pests out

Another thing to focus on with your outdoor spring cleaning projects is keeping tree branches, plants, and other things away from your home. The easier it is to access and get to your home, the more likely pests will get in.

Pests live in and around trees, plants, wood piles, leaves, tall grass, dirty gutters, and more. When those are touching or close to your home, it acts as a pest superhighway and it can lead to lots of pests getting in.

Trimming your trees and keeping these pest harborage points away from your home should be a focus for you during your spring cleaning efforts.

Keep the kitchen and cupboards clean and take out the trash to reduce pest activity

Inside cleaning is another are you should focus on in addition to outside upkeep for preventing pest issues. Pests need a few things to survive in your home, food, shelter, and water. If you can focus on eliminating these things you can drastically reduce your pest issues this spring and summer.

Most people take out the trash, but do you cover it up at all times, or do you leave it out in the open? Having a lid on your trash both inside and outside your home can help keep pest numbers down. When you leave your trash uncovered you are basically offering up an all-you-can-eat buffet for pests.

Pests like ants and roaches are attracted to food and crumbs that you are leaving out. Be sure to clean and wipe down counters and cupboards and properly seal food containers as well. A common mistake people make is thinking that if their food is in a cupboard it’s safe. That isn’t always the case and if you leave things open or food particles laying out it can attract pests.

Leaving dirty dishes out in the sink can be another cause for increased pest activity. This can create a food source as well as water source for pests. Dirty dishes often have little pockets of standing water on them as well which can be a perfect watering hole for pests.

Keeping your home clean and focusing on upkeep in your yard should be a few of the priorities you focus on with your spring cleaning activities to help reduce pest activity in and around your home.

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