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Easy Spring Cleaning tips on how to pest proof your home

Spring is in the air! It’s time for some spring cleaning and to think about how to pest proof your home.

Spring cleaning for how to pest proof your home – close the gaps

The main reason pests will try and enter your home is because of a change in weather conditions. This could be from a season change, rain storm, heat wave, colder weather, etc. A very cost effective addition to your home is a door sweep. There doesn’t need to be much space for insects or rodents to get into your home. Blocking their entry is key.

Windows and glass doors are another entry point bugs and rodents can use to gain entry into your home. Another cost effective way under “how to pest proof your home” is buying weather stripping. Put it in the gaps under windows and glass sliding doors. A service we at Rove Pest Control do, is a rodent activity and entry point inspection to look for and block entry points outside and inside your home.

Spring cleaning in the kitchen for how to pest proof your home

Rodents and insects like mice and ants are looking for food. If you keep your kitchen clean, it can help keep them away. Ants can be food for other insects as well, so if your counters aren’t clean, they can feast, which also attracts other predators into your home. Check over your home for anything that could be food for pests, such as garbage, open food containers, food left out on the counters, dirty dishes, etc.

Add vacuuming to your spring cleaning list to pest proof your home

Some insects and pests can be hidden in your carpet. Some insects like fleas live and lay eggs in your carpeting, and if you have pets, they can be in their pet beds as well. If you eat around your house as well, there could be crumbs and food hidden in your carpet, couch, or bed, so make sure you vacuum and keep those areas clean. The less opportunity for pests to eat or hide around your home the more pest proof your home will be.

Spring Cleaning from the pros to pest proof your home

There are several steps a pest control service like Rove Pest Control can do to help you pest proof your home as well. One thing is they can set traps for pests inside and outside your home. Another spring cleaning service we provide is sweeping eves for spider webs and wasp nests. We also provide a foundation liquid treatment which helps create a barrier around your home to keep pests out. Keeping pests off and away from the exterior of your home is a very effective way for how to pest proof your home. Be sure to reach out to us at Rove Pest Control for your pest control to help pest proof your home if you are in the greater Minnesota Metro area!

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