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Some want to taste bugs…

You may have heard of putting an olive or cherry in a drink as a garnish, but using bugs?? Gross! Some want to taste bugs, but here at Rove, we prefer to keep them off our dishes and in the trash.

Could bugs be the new staple at dinner time?

In a recent article from Forbes they touched on that as the population of humans increases to larger and larger numbers, the need for more sustainable and less taxing food sources than sustaining cattle and other protein sources. The idea being that sources like bugs, spiders, and other pests could be an easier source to cultivate.

Most of us would have to agree that having spiders or crickets as the appetizer to our evening meal probably isn’t our first choice, but it may become the norm in the future. Bugs and other pests have been a staple food source in some countries for hundreds of years, but they are typically not something you would see in your usual restaurant here in the US.

According to the article, a few of these new restaurants have been paring these bugs with various alcoholic cocktails and beers. Not sure many of us would be willing to try it out, or for most, you might need to be a few cocktails in before reaching for the bug garnish plate.

We at Rove Pest Control prefer to keep the bugs off the dinner plate and outside of your home

While this new food trend might be getting slightly more popular as the word gets out, most people would likely prefer not to have bugs on the dinner menu, especially at home. So with a few simple pest control tips you can do on your own, you should be able to reduce some of the pest issues you may encounter this year.

The first thing you could focus on is exclusion or sealing cracks, crevices, and entry points around your home. Almost all pest issues originate from outside the home unless pests had already made their way into your home prior.

This makes closing off entry points into your home a key foundation pest control tip that everyone should focus on. You can do some of this rather quickly by installing door sweeps under doors, fixing broken screens, and installing weather stripping in window gaps.

Unfortunately, exclusion often is impossible to do 100% of the time and it can be costly as well as very tedious. As your home settles and ages, it will develop cracks and crevices around the foundation.

Some of these entry points can become impossible for you to seal and are often forgotten. We recommend in addition to sealing entry points as best you can to also have a pest control service treat the outside of your home with a barrier treatment to further reduce pest activity.

Setting up this pest control product barrier won’t keep all pests from ever getting into your home, but the ones that do will quickly die off and be prevented from taking hold in your home and nesting or causing further problems.

Keep your dishes clean to keep pests out

Another thing to focus on is proper sanitation around your home. It’s hard not to get lax sometimes and forget to take out the trash or to put off doing the dishes. Unfortunately, this can be a prime cause for pest issues in your home.

Of course, clean homes can still get pest issues, but if proper sanitation is something you let go, you are often setting yourself up for pest issues. Pests need 3 things to survive: food, water, and shelter.

When you don’t have proper sanitation as a priority, you could be offering up easy access to food and water sources for pests. Make sure that you keep your dishes clean, counters wiped down, trash taken out, and eliminate standing water sources around you home to reduce the possibility of pests.

Focus on these at home pest control tips and get set up with a barrier treatment from a pest control service and you can leave the bug eating to the professionals.

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