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Why should you even bother with seasonal pests?

There are several different seasonal pests, and sometimes we get asked why even bother dealing with seasonal pests since they will eventually go away?

Leaving seasonal pests unchecked can make it worse next year

One problem that a lot of people don’t realize is that when you leave seasonal pests unchecked they can become worse and become an infestation next year. Most of these pests simply go into hibernation during the seasons they aren’t active, but they don’t all die.

Spiders in your home for example left unchecked can live and breed in your home without you noticing them and even though you see a few here and there it may just be from overcrowding. This basically means that there are so many already in your home, which is why you are seeing them. Left alone they are allowed to breed and multiply throughout your home and when their hatching season comes you can have an infestation on your hands.

As the old saying goes kill the monster while it’s small. You should take the same approach with seasonal pests. Mosquitoes are a common problem that are seasonal here in Minnesota. You may see them go away as the months get colder, but again they are just going into hibernation. Mosquitoes eggs can even survive in frozen water and then simply hatch again when the next season comes.

When you take action to eliminate seasonal pests during the current season it can help with any issues you have in the future.

Would you treat other seasonal things like some treat seasonal pests?

Most people wouldn’t think twice about dealing with other seasonal problems, so why should it be any different with seasonal pests? Take winter and summer for example. Would you choose to suffer through winter and summer without heat or air conditioning just because they were only seasonal?

Imagine not getting winter jackets, or warmer clothing, or even refraining from using your heat during the winter, just because it doesn’t last all year long. There could be some drastic consequences if you did that. You could catch colds, get the flu, endanger the life of your children, maybe even die. Obviously this is a little extreme, but there can be consequences to not dealing with seasonal pests as well.

Certain pests can spread diseases, such as mosquitoes and the Zika virus. You could be placing you and your family in jeopardy by not taking action in dealing with seasonal pests. Even if it is just a comfort issue, why should you have to put up with seasonal pests only because they last only part of the year. You choose to prepare for the coming seasons of summer and winter; it only makes sense to prepare to deal with seasonal pests as well.

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