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Scary spiders you might not know – The Arrow shaped spider

With so many different species of spiders you are definitely bound to run into a few creepy ones. This post is all about the Arrow Shaped Spider.

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Unique markings and shape

This is probably one of the most unusual spiders you might run into in your life. They have a very rare shape that looks like an arrow head. In some circles it has been compared to look almost like the Pokemon, Pikachu.

The females of this species can have a vibrant yellow color with black horns on it’s back and spikes along the body as well. Often, their bodies and legs are red. The males of the species look a lot less intimidating though and often lack spikes. The males are black, but they do have the same arrow head shaped body.

These intense looking spikes are thought to help the Arrow Spider keep predators away. In addition to that, the females of the species are usually twice the size of the males making them seem even more threatening.

More facts about the Arrow Shaped Spider

This spider can be found in many places scattered throughout the united states as well as throughout Central America. They also fall into the category of spiders called orb weavers. These spiders form their webs in a spiral fashion and also tend to remake and repair their webs everyday.

These spiders typically hang out in forested areas and are more active during the warmer weather and late spring through summer months.

Is the Arrow Shaped Spider dangerous?

While this spider is very intimidating and looks rather dangerous, when it comes to humans, they don’t really pose a threat at all. As with most spiders, they aren’t really concerned with humans at all.

Since these spiders often live in the woods, you most likely won’t be running into them in mass numbers unless you are an avid trail runner or mountain biker in which case you are likely to take a web to the face if you are the first to blaze the trail. Like many spiders, the only reason they would ever bite humans is when they are threatened.

For many spiders, they couldn’t even bite humans if they wanted to since many of their fangs aren’t even strong enough to pierce human skin. Many spiders like this can also be venomous but really only to their prey. Humans are much too big to receive a significant effect from a spider bite and in the rare occurrence they were bitten, it usually causes a mild itch and/or pain similar to a bee sting.

So while these Arrow Shaped spiders can be scary looking, they aren’t anything you need to worry about running into.

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