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Rodent control and rodent prevention pros and cons

There are several different means of rodent control and rodent prevention you can choose from and each have their different pros and cons with effectiveness and means of removal.

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Glue traps or sticky traps as a form rodent control and rodent prevention

There are several kinds of traps that can be used to capture rodents, some have definite advantages, but at the cost of possible suffering to the rodents you are capturing. For example there are sticky or glue traps that can go in many places, but mice and rodents could suffer more with this type of trap. It’s far more versatile for placement and  has an entire surface you can bait with food but again some rodents may suffer more.

Snap traps for rodent control

Another common trap is a snap trap. These traps can be semi effective since they can only be placed in certain places and they only can be effective if they happen to catch the rodent in the right place. They can be more humane in the fact that it usually results in a quick kill, however if they happen to catch the rodent by the tail or hind legs it may not be a quick kill either.

Bait traps for rodent control and rodent prevention

Bait traps have similar limitations to snap traps in the fact that they can’t go in as many places, however they do have more flexibility when dealing with the elements outside and in busy conditions.  The suffering of the rodents can vary from bait to bait, so some are more humane than other.

Other Means of Rodent prevention for your home or business

Exclusion and plugging holes that rodents could use to enter can be effective for keeping rodents out. Unfortunately, this strategy can become very costly and time consuming very quickly. In addition, if you miss even a single hole the rodents can still enter.

Obviously you don’t want to leave several gaping holes in your home or building, and some exclusion and hole plugging should be done with any means you decide to go with for rodent prevention.

Proper sanitation is another key factor in rodent control and rodent removal. If you are constantly having rodents it may mean there is some sort of food source for them to access.  This is a factor in your own home, but even more so in commercial buildings including warehouses, stores, restaurants, storage facilities, etc. Without an adequate food source there is little reason for rodents to stay.

Most pest control companies have a variety of options you can choose from for rodent removal and prevention, so the decision is yours on what form(s) you are comfortable with. If you do have issues with rodents, be sure to reach out to us at Rove Pest Control to help you with your rodent removal needs!

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