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Restaurant Pest Control Tips: How To Keep Your Valentine’s Day Rush Pest Free

Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest days in the restaurant industry. Here are a few pest control tips you can use to keep pests out of your restaurant this year.

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How to prevent fruit flies in your restaurant this Valentine’s day

One of the most common pest issues restaurants face is fruit flies. They commonly appear in the bar area of a restaurant or near soda machines. Anywhere there is frequent moisture, and fermenting or sugary foods.

The best way to prevent issues in these areas is properly cleaning up spills and removing excess water sources. Properly sealing any containers that have juices, or alcohol is another thing you should be doing to prevent fruit flies.

Most fruit flies breed in excess moisture pools. If you are leaving standing water overnight in your restaurant, this could be where fruit flies are coming from. Phorid flies are another species of flies very similar to fruit flies. However, these flies tend to breed and live in drains and feed off of rotting food and garbage.

Proper sanitation and cleanliness is critical to preventing fly issues if you have a restaurant. Covering any chopped fruit and alcohol bottles and juice containers can go a long way to preventing any fruit fly issues.

Pest Control Tips: How to prevent rodents in your restaurant

Another pest control concern that restaurants tend to face, is rodent issues. There are a few things you want to focus on when it comes to eliminating rodent issues around your business, and the first one is going to be exclusion.

This means that you need to seal any cracks or crevices around your restaurant and make there there aren’t entry points where rodents can get in to begin with. Rodents don’t need much of an opening to get inside of your business, they can fit into spaces as little as 1/4th of an inch. Sealing these gaps are of great importance if you want to keep your restaurant rodent free.

It can be very time consuming and costly to try and seal cracks and crevices on your own, so we do recommend hiring a pest control service to do this for you.

Another area to focus on is going to be proper sanitation. Restaurants face this concern more than a traditional home owner because of the large quantities of food waste that restaurants have. The main reason you have rodent issues is that the rodents have access to food, water and shelter in your restaurant.

By eliminating access to the shelter through exclusion and limiting access to food source through proper sanitation you can greatly reduce the number of rodent issues you will face owning a restaurant.

Apply these quick tips and you can make sure to prevent many of the pest issues you might be facing this Valentine’s day!

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