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Quick pest control tips on how to get rid of cockroaches

No one wants to have pest problems in their apartment, home, or business, so this post is about some quick pest control tips on how to get rid of cockroaches.

Make sure your apartment stays clean if you are renting or before new tenants move in

One of the best pest control tips you can use no matter what kind of pest you are trying to avoid is to make sure your apartment, or home stays clean. Pests like cockroaches are especially attracted to messy homes and apartments.

Pests like roaches need 3 things to survive; they are food, shelter and water. When you make sure that your home is clean, it can go a long way to eliminate pest problems. Even things like dirty counters, be it grease, oil, or crumbs, can start to attract pests.

Wiping down counters and cleaning your appliances can go a long way to eliminate many pest issues before they happen. Another pest control tip when it comes to cleaning and repairs is to eliminate water sources for pests.

Often, leaky faucets or small leaks in pipes, or even small areas of standing water can be more than enough for pests to survive and thrive. Many times, roaches will make their homes near water sources like under leaky sinks or toilets, or in bathrooms and kitchens.

Even the smallest leak can start to attract pests, so as a landlord, tenant, or home owner, make sure you get leaks like these sealed up as quickly as possible.

Temperature is another big factor of what attracts pests into apartments, businesses, and homes

Cockroaches have been around since prehistoric times, and during that time period most temperatures were generally warmer around the world. Many cockroaches have adapted to that type of environment and tend to thrive in temperatures of at least 75 degrees and often even warmer.

Keeping your home, business, or apartment on the cooler side can help keep cockroaches out, and if they are already causing problems, it can help to keep them from breeding. Some roaches will die off the colder it gets while others will stop breeding or a combination of both.

As a home owner or landlord, keeping things cold can help you keep these pests out. The exact temperature you need varies from each species of cockroach, but in many cases keeping it below 70 degrees can help. The thing to keep in mind is micro-environments in a living area. Just because the ambient temperature is 68 degrees doesn’t mean that it isn’t over 80 degrees between a refrigerator motor and a wall where little to no airflow occurs. Taking the time to make adjustments to alter these micro environments will be key to proper control.

Deep freeze

Another unique way to treat things that might have a cockroach infestation is actually freezing them. For example, if roaches had infested a microwave, you could put it in a plastic bag and leave it outside in the winter for a few days. Many roaches inside would have died off after several days of cold temperatures.

This could be an effective strategy to get rid of cockroaches in colder climates like Minnesota. Depending on how small the appliance is, you could also put in in a sealed bag and then into a drop in freezer if it was during the summer months.

Of course after this freezer treatment be sure to thoroughly clean the appliance before putting it back into your home.This will allow removal of ootheca that could otherwise survive the cold temperatures and ensure food source for continued population growth are minimized.

Overall, by frequently cleaning your home, removing water leaks, and keeping temperatures cooler, you can reduce many cockroach numbers or even prevent issues to begin with. Of course, if you do develop cockroach issues outside of that, be sure to reach out to a pest control service as roaches are extremely hardy and can be tough to fully get rid of on your own.

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