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The psychological benefits of having a pest free home

Benefits of having a pest free home

It is well known that seeing a spider drop out of nowhere unexpectedly can cause instant psychological harm and dealing with bed bugs attacking you in your sleep is an acceptable cause of psychological trauma, but are there actual psychological benefits to having a pest free home? Yes, here they are:

Improved Mood – It is hard to be in a good mood when you are scratching away at mosquito bites, flea bites, bed bug bites, or pulling a tick out of your child’s head. Cutting these bugs out of every day life will inherently improve your mood day in and day out.

Happiness- Unless you are an entomologist and get a kick out of studying the creatures that 99% of alien descriptions are based off of, bugs make you unhappy. A solid pest control program that keeps your home pest free inherently makes you happier.

Reduced Stress- Seeing dust accumulate on valuables and electronics as well as trying to keep up with its removal is a large life stressor in suburban life. While pest reductions will not help eliminate the amounts of shed skin flakes contributing to that dust accumulation, a reduction in the number of pests does stop them from contributing to it in the form of shed exoskeletons and discarded body parts. Reduce the bugs and reduce the dust.

Increased ability to cope with stress- Our ability to cope with stress is strongly affected by our level of health. By removing the disease transmitted by rodent feces, insect droppings, and whatever bugs carry around in their little suction cupped feet; we reduce the threats to our physical health which increases our body’s ability to cope with other stressors life throws our way.

Pride in accomplishments- Many pests are physically destructive to home and yard. Watching homeowners glow with pride as dead bugs are removed from their home or animals like moles are pulled out of their yard is an undeniable testament to the pride that accompanies a pest free home.

Improved self image – It is never fun wondering if your friends coming over to visit are running an internal monologue to determine if you left your Halloween decorations up all year or if you are heavily infested with spiders. Having a pest free home alleviates these concerns and allows you to focus on more important things such as having the perfect area rug in the foyer.

Increased feelings of energy-Mice and other wildlife running around inside of a home or attic can sound like bears having a bowling party. Since many pests are nocturnal, they are sure to interfere with your circadian rhythms and drain you of energy. Evicting these unwanted guests will help your sleep return to a normal cycle, eliminate the pest nightmares from your slumber, and put your energy levels to their max.

Don’t waste time in diminished levels of psychological health and well being. Set up a professional pest control service and begin to enjoy the benefits right away!