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Are all pesticides created equal?

We have been seeing a lot of people using different pesticides for things which they are not intended; not only is this dangerous, but it can also be very ineffective.


Follow the directions on all pesticides you use in your home

A lot of people see a pesticide and they think that they can use it anywhere and everywhere around their home. Unfortunately this is not the case and doing that can be very dangerous. It’s best to study the pests you are trying to control along with the labels and safety data sheets on the products available to find the right and best fit. In many cases, it is best to leave your pest control needs to the professionals.

A common mistake people make is using an outdoor pesticide indoors. This can be dangerous because outdoor pesticides are usually a lot stronger because they need to withstand the elements. One product is designed to have a 5 year impact underground exposed to that wear and tear plus that of the elements; can you imagine what that would do inside of a home?! I unfortunately have seen that used more times than one indoors. These products are also designed to have high ventilation which would not occur inside. When you place those pesticides indoors, it can become very toxic to you and your family.

Don’t Assume more is better

Another mistake people tend to make is the idea that more is better. Pesticides have specific amounts that are appropriate to use in your home. Spraying twice as much doesn’t necessarily mean it will have double the effect, often it could make it harmful to you or your pets, and even decrees effectiveness in some situations.

Placement of the product can also alter how safe it is to you and your family as well as reduce effectiveness. For example a lot of pesticides should be sprayed along carpet lines or cracks in walls. When you take that same product and spray it in the air and breath it in, it can be very harmful or even deadly. All too often we walk into an account where someone is concerned about having spiders, fleas, bed bugs, or other bite their kids, so they apply pesticides to the actual bedding where there children are sleeping; this is much more hazardous than any of those insects or arachnids would have been! Having a pest control professional can optimize results and keep your family safe.

Use the right products for the right pests

Don’t make the mistake of using the wrong pesticide for the wrong pests. It is way to easy for people to assume that since it works on a roach, it will work on anything. Doing this can cause ineffective results dealing with pests as well as cause potential harm to you or your home. Different pests have different biology and breeding habits etc and need different treatments to get rid of them.

Expecting that there would be a single pesticide that works on everything is like expecting to do your laundry with Windex. Both products are used to clean, but they would have very different results when it comes to cleaning your clothes.
Hiring a pest control service like Rove Pest Control can be a safer and more effective way to get rid of pests around your home.


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