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Proven pest control tips you can use for rodent control

sA few pest control tips you can use for rodent control

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Pest control tips for more effective rodent control around your home

Old cartoons with mice and rodents eating cheese might not be the best way to attract them to traps. According to Boris Bajlovic of Victor Pest, “Mice far prefer foods with high protein and fat content over cheese.

If you are using snap traps, be sure to load them with baits rodents will be attracted to. That’s why the best mouse trap baits include peanut butter, hazelnut spread, chocolate, and meats like bacon or beef jerky. When using a snap trap, place a small amount of bait on the trigger. Be wary of large portions, which rodents can nibble without tripping the trap. The more glue traps you set up, the better. One can be effective, however the more options there are around your home the more likely you can trap and remove the rodents.

Rodent control starts with prevention and exclusion

Sealing common entry points and exclusion should be your first focus for rodent control. Keeping tree limbs away from your home can be a great way how to get rid of rodents. Don’t overlook the obvious. We visited one commercial account that was spending hours sealing every little hole imaginable. Meanwhile, the employees were propping the back door open.

If you eliminate entry points you can significantly reduce or eliminate future rodents in your home. If you already have rodents in your home, get a pest control professional involved to help you clear them out. The experts at Rove Pest Control also can go around your home and identify and help you seal entry points as well as bait and trap rodents that may have already entered your home.

Pest control tips for rodent prevention – Clean up your home and remove clutter

The more places there are to hide around your home and food that you leave out the more likely you are to attract rodents and other pests as well in your home.  This also includes cleaning up trash, and clutter around the outside of your home as well. A common mistake people make is leaving wood piles around your home which can hide many pests including rodents. Simply moving this away from your home is a simple yet effective step you can do to assist in rodent prevention.

If you have pets, you should also be sure to not leave their food outside and simply feed your pets indoors. By leaving pet food outside you are setting up an easy-to-get-to food source for rodents and other pests. If you already have a rodent problem and are in the greater Minnesota Metro area, be sure to reach out to the professionals at Rove Pest Control and set up a free consultation.


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