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Do you need to have regular pest control service and does homeowners insurance cover bed bugs?

Is regular pest control service worth it? Will it just be covered under homeowners insurance if it gets out of control?

Don’t have any pests in your home or only see them occasionally? Do you feel that it wouldn’t be worth it to pay for regular pest control? Unfortunately, there really isn’t much out there for pest control insurance for homeowners.

Some are under the false impression that their homeowners insurance policy provides coverage. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. In fact, most homeowners insurance policies have a very explicit clause that excludes damage from pests and infestation. You would be better off with a solid pest control service that can provide protection versus waiting until disaster strikes.

Can pests devalue a home as a rental house or when selling it or renting it?

Wood destroying organisms like termites, will cause physical damage to the home, which may affect core structural elements of the home. Other pests such as spiders, ants, or other wandering insects may startle occupants or potential buyers. Unfortunately, a home covered in cobwebs will be valued differently than the exact same home that is pest free. Other insects such as bed bugs or mosquitoes directly attack the residents causing a change in perceived value of the home and property.

What about bed bugs? Does homeowners insurance cover bed bugs?

Unfortunately the answer is no. According to Consumer reports, “The Insurance Information Institute…notes in a recent blog that costs associated with getting rid of bedbugs and other vermin is considered part of home maintenance and isn’t covered in a standard homeowners’ or renters’ policy.” If you are dealing with a bed bug infestation be sure to contact a professional here.

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