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Overcoming Obstacles In Pest Control

Recently one of the owners of Rove Pest Control, Rob Greer, took on the extreme challenges of a Tough Mudder obstacle course – World’s Toughest Mudder (WTM), and it ties in well with how you get rid of pests in pest control.

You should prepare for pests in advance just like you would prepare for a race

In the WTM race Rob went through 24 hours of a 5 mile loop with 20+ obstacles and completed over 80 miles and over 320 grueling challenges and obstacles. With a race of this caliber, it wouldn’t be smart to enter unprepared. Some people take that unprepared approach with their pest control.

Jumping into the race without any practice, or any idea what to do, is going to be like having no pest control service in your home and waiting until an infestation strikes to do anything about it. The pests are always training and always preparing. The only thing on their mind is survival. Your home and food is number one on their list of resources.

Practicing and preparing for an event is the smart thing to do. You should be prepared with pest control as well. Preparation for a race is a lot like having a general pest control service in place. It will ease the pain and make the race more enjoyable. Prepare in advance with a pest control service, and your home shouldn’t ever get to the point of an infestation.

Have a professional in your corner

Having a pest professional in your corner gives you the same advantage that professional athletes enjoy from having coaches and personal trainers. Rob decided to deviate from his normal strategy of doing everything himself. He picked up a coach, which is the main thing he credits at increasing his performance from 50 to 80 miles. You will see similar improvements in your pest control efforts by having a professional backing you.

It’s a lot more effort and cost to take care of a pest infestation than having a maintenance program in place to prevent pest activity. In pest control, being proactive is much better than reactive.

The difficulties of effective pest control can be a lot like a Tough Mudder race

Pests are a tricky bunch and often they create new challenges every time there is an issue. Unfortunately there isn’t a quick fix that will eliminate all pests once you have a problem. Many people are caught off guard when the efforts they have been applying in the past start to lose efficacy.

Some products will work better than others and depending on how bad the pest issue is, it could take multiple treatments or may require a change of mode or method. The same concept holds true with an event like a Tough Mudder or obstacle course. Various challenges will appear and may require outside the box thinking and effort in order to get past it just like with pest control.

There might be new challenges and difficulties with each unique pest problem and each may need to be treated differently. So keep in mind that even with challenges and obstacles pests can be removed from your home, but it’s best to prevent and prepare for pests in advance rather than waiting for an infestation.

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