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Is a one time treatment from a pest control service good enough?

If you have ever thought about hiring a pest control service a common question is something like “can I just try it once and see how it works?”

Understanding Pest Life Cycles: Importance of Regular Control Services

Many pests require multiple treatments to get rid of. Pest control products that are used to treat pests only last so long. Unfortunately there isn’t any magic bullet treatment for pests that can prevent them from coming back forever. The closest thing you can do for that is prevention and exclusion around your home.

Exclusion is sealing gaps, and cracks, and entry points around your home. If you already have pests inside your home, sealing it can only help with keeping new pests out. There are many different variations of pest control treatments. Some pests rarely come into homes. Others will enter, nest, and breed quickly in your home. If you don’t treat for all scenarios, you are setting yourself up for the pests to come back.

Professional pest control products have a residual life span and work better than over-the-counter pest control products but still don’t last forever

Another thing to understand is that buying over-the-counter pest control products will help, but the residual life span isn’t going to be as good as going with a professional pest control service. If you want a one-time treatment from a professional pest control service for some peace of mind that you at least did something, that’s okay, however you should know that if you truly want to keep your home pest free you should at least have a maintenance program set in place.

Rove Pest Control can do an outside perimeter treatment around your home. It will last from a month to a quarter depending on what you are treating for, so again that’s better than a few day treatment from an over the counter pest control product, which washes away in the rain after a day or two.

Pest control in the winter?

In addition to that there are some treatments that are better suited to be performed in the winter months to prevent possible infestations from hiding out in your home. Most people don’t see pest activity in their homes during the winter, but during these times there can still be several pests in your home, they are just in a hibernation state. As soon as things warm up in the spring the pests start to hatch and spread around your home.

With winter pest control treatments and a maintenance pest control service, you can eliminate these pests before they can start to emerge in the spring. You can certainly opt in for a on- time treatment of pests, however for the best long term results we would recommend having a maintenance program in place to keep pests away and out of your home long term. If you want to get rid of pests in your home, or set up a pest prevention service, and are in the greater Minnesota Metro area, be sure to reach out to us at Rove Pest Control to set up a free pest control consultation!

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