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Mosquitoes On The Move

With some parts of the country still getting snow, you might be surprised to know that mosquitoes are already starting to become active and you might want to start preparing now for them.

Mosquitoes hibernate and as spring comes, so do they

Most people don’t really think about mosquitoes until it’s summer time, but they actually can start to be come active as early as late march and early April. Mosquitoes tend to start going into hibernation when temperatures start to drop below 50 degrees.

The reverse also holds true that they start to become more active as temperatures rise. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water or mud and that is one thing to look out for with the snow melting and rain becoming more common.

In addition some mosquitoes will actually lay eggs in the late fall and those eggs can survive in the frozen lakes and water over the winter. This means that as lakes and ponds start to thaw and temperatures rise, these eggs can start to hatch.

As temperatures rise to above 50 degrees, these pests begin to come out of hibernation and start to multiply. When left unchecked, a small pocket of mosquitoes living near your home could turn into a major issue.

This is one reason we recommend to have around your home treated for mosquitoes to keep them in check now before they can grow into a problem during the summer.

Why should you even care about mosquitoes now, when most of us won’t start to notice them for a month or two?

As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If you can strike now and can eliminate mosquitoes breeding grounds in the spring, you can really keep their numbers down throughout the summer.

It’s always much easier to keep a mosquito problem from starting in the first place before they have time to build up their numbers, rather than waiting until you have major issues.

In addition to taking a proactive approach to lower their numbers, in general, mosquitoes can carry a lot of diseases with them as well. The Zika virus hasn’t been in the news yet much this year, since it has been winter, but a lot of studies have shown that mosquitoes do have the ability to transfer the disease from generation to generation.

Mosquitoes overall are one of the most dangerous creatures on earth. You might not think so, but mosquitoes are responsible for carrying deadly diseases like malaria, which kills over a million people annually. This happens mostly in Africa, but who knows what other diseases, like the Zika virus, might come around that mosquitoes spread.

It’s better to be safe than sorry, so make sure to have your yard treated for mosquitoes to keep them in check before the real summer heat kicks in. Take a proactive approach and keep mosquitoes from taking over your yard this summer.

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