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How to keep la cucaracha out of your cinco de mayo fiesta

Nothing ruins a good time like seeing a roach scurry across the room, so here are a few tips for how to prevent roaches this cinco de mayo fiesta!

How to prevent roaches – Clean!

If your party makes a huge mess be sure to focus on the cleaning after-party. La cucaracha (a.k.a. cockroaches) love to eat leftover crumbs and food and messes you leave behind. Grease is a favorite, so be sure you clean up after cooking your taco meats. A few minutes of clean up after your cinco de mayo party is worth more than you might think. Don’t leave out your dirty dishes or leftover food without being covered up.

How to prevent roaches – Remove excess water

Insects and cockroaches need a water source to survive. The dryer you make your home the better. Be sure to check for leaky faucets, leaking pipes, water pools in the garage and basement, etc. Standing water of any kind can be a key factor for letting cockroaches survive in your home. Even condensation is enough to give roaches their water intake. Some roaches can live up to a month without food but most can only last up to a week without water.

How to prevent roaches – Remove their food source

Cockroaches love to eat so if you are leaving them a seat at the party this cinco de mayo they are going to show up. We all have garbage around our house and make sure that you take them out frequently. Also make sure that if it is a garbage including food refuse, make sure it has a lid. An even better idea would be to take any food trash to an outside garbage receptacle every time.  If you are already dealing with cockroaches and need to get rid of them before your upcoming party be sure to reach out to the professionals at Rove Pest Control to take care of any of your Minnesota pest control needs.

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