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Is there a way to keep mice out of my garage?

A common issue people run into is mice in their garage. In most cases, there’s no permanent solution to keep mice out of your garage. In this post, we explain why.

Why your garage is an easy target for mice and rodents

There are multiple factors for why your garage is an easy target for mice and rodents to get into. One is that garages have many more entry points that allow rodents to enter than your home.

Typical entry points for your home are cracks and crevices, windows, under doors, exterior holes, and more. When it comes to your home, most people are usually more observant and careful of keeping these entry points sealed.

When was the last time you left your front door wide open for hours during the day? Most likely almost never. How many times during the year do you leave your garage door wide open for hours? Probably a lot more often.

If you park your car in your garage, which most people do, that’s usually at least a few times a day there is a massive entry point open to pests and rodents to enter your garage. This makes it extremely difficult to keep it 100% pest free.

What can you do to keep mice out of your garage

It’s not really possible to keep your garage pest free all of the time, but there are steps you can take to reduce their numbers. The first thing you should do is make sure there aren’t lots of pest friendly hiding places, or living spaces.

Be careful what you store in your garage. Oftentimes,  people will store things like sleeping bags, cloths, cardboard boxes, bedding, etc. If mice can access these things, they will tend to gnaw on them and make the debris into nests.

Many people leave their garage unfinished. leaving insulation exposed, or store excess insulation in the garage. This is another source for mice and rodents to make nests out of and live in.

Most people don’t do this, but certainly avoid storing food in your garage as well, as it can become a target for mice, rodents, and other pests. Usually food that becomes an issue is something forgotten such as a granola bar with some camping supplies, some left over grease on a cooking stove, or some Halloween candy that fell to the wayside and got kicked under a shelf.

Tips for trapping and removal of mice, rodents, and other pests from your garage

When it comes to pest removal and trapping for your garage, we recommend focusing on the outside of your garage, rather than on the inside. Certainly if you have pest issues inside your garage, you can set a few traps to remove them, but once the initial pests are gone, it’s best to focus on the outside from there.

Placing bait inside your garage can actually attract more pests into your garage. Pests see bait as a food source so it can end up bringing pests into your garage rather than keeping them out.

Overall, don’t set yourself up with improper expectations and assume that you can really have a 100% pest free garage. You can certainly take action steps to reduce the number of pests that do get in, but garages aren’t really meant to be sealed like your home. If things are well maintained, a pest that enters will exit just as quickly when it finds it has entered a starvation chamber.

It is, however, still important to reduce pests numbers in your garage either with preventive steps on your own or through hiring a pest control service. It’s just a quick trip from your garage to your home, especially as seasons change, it can lead to pests migrating from their hiding places into your home if you allow excess pests to live in your garage.

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