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Is Pest Control Safe For Babies?

Do you have children at home and pest issues, but are concerned to get your home treated? Well today’s post we answer the common question of “is pest control safe for babies and children?”

Most pest issues start outside of the home

For the most part, pest issues originate from outside of the home. Interior pest issues are typically a product of time and opportunities for the pests to make their way inside. Properly seal your home with exclusion (sealing potential entry points). This can reduce pest activity without using any type of product treatments.

In addition to proper exclusion to prevent pest issues, a typical pest control service will treat the outside of the home to eliminate the majority of the issues you would have. When a pest control service treats the outside of the home, it creates a barrier of product that keeps pests out. This also kill the ones that do get inside as they pass through the barrier.

When a pest control service treats the outside of the home, it’s completely safe inside. This type of pest control application is safest for babies and children.

Of course, you shouldn’t let your children play in treated areas outside the home immediately after a treatment. Products that are used outside of the home to treat pests are usually more potent than those used inside. Give ample time for products to dry that are applied around your home before letting your children play around treated areas. After drying time, it should be safe with most products typically used in residential settings.

The type of pest control you choose can make it even safer for babies and children

There are several options of pest control you can use that are especially safe for babies and children. Some pest control companies have botanical or organic pest control options that are bio-degradable. These are safer options than the over-the-counter products you can buy at the store.

Another option is to use bait traps for catching pests. The great thing about bait traps is that they can be placed out of reach of children. Also, the bait is secured inside of tamper resistant stations. With the combo of putting them out of reach and being too small for children to access the pest control product, it makes bait traps a good option of pest control that’s safe for children.

Placement of the pest control products creates another pest control option that’s safe for children

Outside of bait traps, other pest control options can be placed safely to avoid harm to babies and children. When treating in your home, a pest control service will not spray products randomly in hopes of treating an issue.

Products are specifically placed to treat pest issues and almost always end up being in areas your kids wouldn’t get to anyway. For example, often when treating inside the home, a pest control service could spray product into crack and cervices in walls and in wall voids.

In this case, rarely would your children be able to get into tiny cracks in your walls. Of course, you should give a room that has been treated a few hours to air out and let the products dry, but beyond that, once the product has dried, the room should be safe for children.

Also, in general, pest control products that are used inside the home are relatively less intense than those used outside of the home. Products used outside the home have to be of higher potency because they are exposed to more elements like sun, wind, and rain, etc.

Overall there are several pest control options that are safe for children and if you do have specific concerns simply talk with your pest control service providers and you should be able to figure out a solution that you feel comfortable with for you and your family.

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