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Is fall too late to be worrying about mosquitoes?

As the seasons change, it gets colder causing the long awaited time for mosquitoes to start to disappear in many places, but are they still something you should be treating for?

Just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they aren’t there

One common misconception is that all the mosquitoes simply die off as winter approaches and temperatures drop; unfortunately that isn’t 100% true. Of course numbers do go down for mosquitoes as the seasons transition into fall and subsequently winter, however if you have large numbers before winter you will have large numbers in the spring and summer as well.

Mosquito eggs can survive in frozen water over the winter and then as temperatures warm they can start to hatch in large numbers. Removing large populations of mosquitoes before winter can help reduce the numbers the next season.

An additional treatment can do more than reduce numbers of mosquitoes

Studies are showing that in some cases of mosquitoes they are even able to transfer diseases they are carrying through to their eggs and pass it on to their offspring. This means that some dangerous diseases that mosquitoes carry could survive even through winters.

With the Zika virus on the forefront of the news, when it comes to mosquito removal, it makes eliminating mosquitoes before winter even more important. The Zika virus isn’t the only dangerous disease that mosquitoes carry.

According to the NY Times and Dr. Tesh from the University of Texas Medical Branch “filial infection [infection spread from parent to eggs] is important for the La Crosse virus, which causes serious brain diseases or death in about 72 Americans each year, most of them children. That virus is transmitted to humans by Aedes Triseriatus, a forest mosquito that picks it up from chipmunks. La Crosse virus passes down easily in mosquito eggs; about 70 percent of mosquito females maturing from those eggs inherit the virus.”

If you are seeing mosquito activity around your home be sure to have the area treated to decrease numbers and prevent transmission of disease through to the next season.

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