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Is catch and release a good way to get rid of mice and strategy for rodent control?

Catch and release tends to work well in fishing, but can it work to get rid of mice? In this post you’ll learn if you catch a mouse, if you should let it go outside of your house, or if there are better options for rodent control.

What to do with mice in your house?

Fall and winter are the most common times you’ll find mice and rodents in your home. As temperatures drop, these pests are looking for an upgrade in shelter.

With warmth as well as food sources dwindling, your home becomes a primary target for mice and rodents. So the question is, what do you do with mice once you find them in your home?

Should you catch them and let them go free outside? Well there are several reasons why that isn’t the most effective way to get rid of mice in your home.

First off, if these mice got into your home to begin with, it’s likely how they got in is still available to them. So by just leaving them outside, they will probably just come right back in where they did the first time.

In addition to that, most mice will have left scent trails into your home and throughout it, so even if you put them in the woods behind your home, it’s probably not far enough away. They could even bring other mice with them, as others may follow their scents back in your home.

One often overlooked piece is that being trapped is a scary learning process for mice that may teach them to be more bait and trap shy in the future. This can lead to increasingly difficult trapping situations down the road.

Focus on sealing entry points now before it’s too late

With fall quickly coming to an end and winter approaching, now is the time to focus on sealing entry points around your home. Most rodents, like mice, can squeeze into your home with a gap as small as 1/4th of an inch.

There’s little wiggle room for keeping mice out of your home, so be sure to close off common entry points. Some of the most common entry points for rodents are through broken screens, under doors, through dryer vents, and through holes where wires and cables come into your home.

Sealing these places is especially important if you are catching and releasing mice right outside your door. Some entry points can be sealed with the aid of a pest control company, while others may be structural problems with your home and could require outside help beyond what a pest control service could do.

Methods for getting rid of mice

There are various options for getting rid of mice and for rodent control that you can implement in your home. If you are going to go with the catch and release program, you’ll also want to eliminate potential food sources outside of your home.

When rodents, like mice, have access to food, they are more likely to stay close to your home. At that point, it’s almost a matter of time until they find their way back in.

Proper sanitation is essential to keeping your home rodent free. Make sure to properly seal garbage or dumpsters near your home.

An open garbage container is like an all you can eat buffet for rodents and pests like mice. Without food, shelter, and water, pests can’t survive. As temperatures drop this fall and winter, pests will be forced to find those resources near or inside of your home.

The more you can eliminate that access, the less you’ll have to worry about rodent control issues.

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