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5 tips for how to get rid of wasps

Seeing wasp nests can be frightening so below are some tips for how to get rid of wasps

Tip #1 For how to get rid of wasps – Test for allergies

The first thing you should do is determine if you are allergic to wasps. A sting could lead to a dangerous or deadly reaction. Wasps tend to attack in groups and aggravating one could lead to a swarm coming after you. Getting tested takes time and can be far more of a hassle then just calling a professional to take care of the issue.

Tip #2 For how to get rid of wasps – Wear protective gear

If you aren’t allergic to wasp stings it can still be quite painful to get stung. Wasps can be very aggressive and you will need to cover yourself from head to toe. Boots, pants, long socks, hooded sweatshirt, safety goggles, work gloves, scarf or something to cover your face. If you don’t have all of these things again it is recommended to reach out and find a professional pest control expert.

Tip #3 For how to get rid of wasps – Don’t wait to act

Wasp nests start out small and it takes time for the colony to get into gear. Wasps start to come out of hibernation after the winter and establish new colonies at that point. The longer you wait the bigger the colony of wasps will grow. So If you are going to get rid of the wasps yourself or seek out a pest control service company be sure to do it early in the spring before the issue gets out of control.

Tip #4 For how to get rid of wasps – Wait till night

Wasp nests are far less active at night and most wasps are out during the day. If you are going to inspect wasp nests, it’s advised to wait until night time. You also may want to be careful when using a flashlight as that can attract wasps to you. A different color light like red light can be a safer option. Another benefit of waiting until night is that if you are going to attack the nest the majority of the wasps will be in the nest and pesticides (keep in mind some state or local laws may prohibit nighttime application of pesticides, so check before use) or other methods will be more effective. Again it can be easier to reach out to a wasp removal service since they will have all these things on hand and can remove the wasp nests safely.

Tip #5 For how to get rid of wasps – If you use pesticides avoid the area at least a day

If you have children or pets be sure to keep the area clear. If you use pesticides for getting rid of wasp nests they are often very powerful and can be dangerous. It will take at least 24 hours to clear the area of the wasp nests and isolate the nest for at least that long after using the pesticides. Be sure to remove all the dead wasps or pieces of the wasp nests as well, if they are ingested by your pets it can be toxic and make them sick.

Overall removing wasp nests can be dangerous without the proper equipment and training. It’s always better to seek out a professional pest control service like Rove Pest Control for getting rid of wasps. If you are going to attempt wasp removal on your own be sure to follow these few tips for how to get rid of wasps.

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