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How to get rid of Japanese Beetles and should you get a Japanese beetle trap?

Find out an effective way how to get rid of Japanese beetles.

Japanese Beetle Traps: A Solution for Beetle Infestation?

Are Japanese beetles destroying your trees, flowers and/or shrubs? Have you tried a Japanese beetle trap with little to no results?

According to insect expert Debbie Hadley at “Most Japanese beetle traps contain two chemical attractants: a sex pheromone, and a floral lure. Japanese beetles spend their days feeding in groups and mating, and the two attractants in combination do an effective job of luring beetles in large numbers. So why is this bad?

Studies have shown that these pheromone lures attract far more beetles than they actually trap. In other words, when you hang a Japanese beetle trap in your yard, you’re inviting every Japanese beetle in the neighborhood to your yard, but only a percentage of these beetles will end up in the trap itself. The beetles that avoid the trap will now treat your landscape as a buffet.

You want the beetles to leave your yard, not come flying in by the thousands.

Since the Japanese beetle traps don’t seem to be what they are cracked up to be, and may do more damage than good, it would be a good idea to seek out a pest control service to help. There are several things a pest control service can do that an over the counter Japanese beetle trap can’t do.

How could a pest control service like Rove Pest Control be a better choice for getting rid of Japanese beetles?

When most people try and get rid of Japanese beetles, they turn to home remedies or over the counter options, and they don’t treat the full Japanese beetle lifecycle leaving them open to attack your trees. Rove pest control has 3 treatment methods for battling Japanese beetles. Injection treatment will inject a liquid product that when the Japanese beetles eat the leaves of the tree they die.

Rove also does a granular treatment that will kill Japanese beetles as the larva emerges in the soil. The third piece is the foliar treatment. This typically comes into play if you waited too long to do anything about the Japanese Beetle issue and you need something to get rid of them later in the season, but there are certain plants that are less receptive to injections and need supplemental service.

Foliar treatment is an effective strategy for how to get rid of Japanese beetles where we put a liquid treatment on the tree and it kills the infestation already present on the tree. If you are dealing with a Japanese Beetle infestation and need pest control service in the greater Minnesota area be sure to head to for more information.

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