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How The Outbreak of Mumps in the NHL is Similar to How Pests Spread

There have been several outbreaks of the mumps in the NHL recently. Interestingly enough, there are a lot of similarities with how pests can cause issues in your home.

Hidden Pests and Mumps: The Invisible Threats in Your Home

A lot of the time people don’t think they have any pest issues until it’s too late. The mumps outbreak in the NHL has been spreading in a similar manner. According to CBC News:

“Mumps can be in a person’s body for up to two weeks before they feel anything. The virus can be passed to another individual before any symptoms occur. Players sharing water bottles, for example, wouldn’t know they are spreading the virus.  “That’s probably how it’s moving around between teams and within the teams,” said Dr. Peter Lin, CBC’s medical columnist.”

Pests for the most part are an out-of-sight, out-of-mind thing for people. If pests get into your home, they can make a huge impact when they are left unchecked. If you aren’t taking any prevention steps, that’s usually what happens.

The mumps spread fastest when it gets introduced to tight quarters in places like locker rooms, dorm rooms, schools etc. It’s similar to how when pests get into your home they can breed unchecked with ample access to food, shelter, and water.

Using vaccines is like using a pest control service

A lot of people try and do their own pest control, and that is a lot like trying to avoid the mumps by not sharing water bottles, or washing your hands frequently, and avoiding infected people. It’s not a terrible strategy, but there are a lot of things that can happen where you can still get the disease.

Now the next step up from prevention on your end would be getting a vaccine or similarly hiring a pest control service. You could wait until you were diagnosed with the issue and then seek out treatment for it, or you could be proactive and get a vaccine so you are far less likely to get the disease in the first place.

If you decided to wait until you caught the mumps in this example you would have to go through a lot more pain and suffering rather than if you got the vaccine to prevent the issue. It’s the same way with pest control. It’s going to cost you a lot more to have to deal with an infestation or outbreak caused form leaving pests unchecked, rather than having a maintenance program in place to prevent a major issue.

This is one of the reasons we really recommend having a maintenance pest control service in place for your home even during the winter to make sure that you can keep pest issues in check to help prevent them before they happen.

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