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How can you contribute to a pest free workplace?

Pests are never a fun thing to see at home or work. Did you know there are some simple steps you can take to help create a pest free workplace?

Keep your food in food designated areas to promote a pest free workplace

Strategies for keeping pests out of the workplace are going to be very similar to your home. One important factor is keeping food in food designated areas.

When food is left out, pests tend to make themselves at home whether it’s in your home or at work. A common practice most people do that can attract pests is leaving food in desk drawers.

It might be convenient to leave food sitting in your desk like chips, bags of candy, or snacks. Most people don’t realize this could be a free guest pass to an all-you-can-eat buffet for pests in your desk.

Even though our co-workers might not dig into our food stash hiding in our desks doesn’t mean pests won’t. It’s best to leave food in food designated areas around your office in sealed containers.

Create a mess? Bring on the pests

Another thing that can lead to pest issues is messes left around the office. It might not be your favorite thing to do, but taking some ownership around the office and making sure spills and messes are cleaned up can do a lot towards keeping your office pest free.

Leaving sticky spills or crumbs around the office might not always seem like a big deal, but they can add up over time and lead to larger pest issues. Taking out the garbage at night or at least having garbage with covers can be another way to keep pest activity in check.

The less opportunities you can create around the office for easy access to food, water, and shelter, the less issues you will have.

Looking for entry points and water leaks

You can be the eyes and ears for your company to help spot problem areas when it comes to pest control. For instance, your company might rent the building or the people in charge of building maintenance usually aren’t in the office every day like you are.

Spotting structural damage and entry points, or water leaks, is important to notice and mention. The sooner issues like that are fixed, the less likely they are to balloon into larger issues.

For example, maybe a door in the warehouse doesn’t fully close, or maybe a sink is leaky in the bathroom. These might not seem like major things, especially if you just work in the office and don’t own it, but it could lead to having to deal with unwanted pests.

Sealing entry points and eliminating food and water sources are priorities when it comes to eliminating pests and keeping your office pest free. You don’t have to repair the issues yourself by any means, but being aware of the issues and spreading on the information to people who can fix them can go a long way.

With a few simple steps and focus on clean up, and being a bit more aware of your environment in the workplace,  it can help you keep a pest free environment and safer place to work.

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