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Do you know where household pests are hiding?

Household pests is that they tend to hide in protected areas in your home. They aren’t seen as much out in the open until you have an infestation.

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You may have structural pests and common household pests and not even know it

Most people think that their house is pest free because they don’t see many, if any, household pests. If you are seeing an occasional pest, you most likely have more in your home that you don’t know about. Most household pests hang out indoors during the winter and become dormant and don’t emerge until spring and summer. So if you haven’t seen them yet, they could still be in your home without you knowing. This is why most people hire a pest control company as a pro-active approach to keeping their home pest free.

Where are common household pests and structural pests hiding in your home

There are several places that pests like to hide out in your home. There are a few things you can do to keep them out. The first place you should check out and be aware of is your kitchen cabinets or pantry. Many household pests like to hang out there because it is where food is stored. Most often the food stored in your kitchen cabinets are dried goods, which can easily be moved by ants and other structural pests back to their nest. Attics are another problem location in most homes, they don’t get much traffic so pests can be left undisturbed and can breed and multiply there without interruption. We would recommend hiring a professional pest control service like Rove Pest Control to treat for household pests in areas like your wall voids, crawl space, or attic.

Check the basement

Basements are another problem area and breeding ground for most household pests. Basements tend to be more damp, and since insects require a water source to live and breed most often they lay their eggs in basements. Bathrooms are another trouble area because of gaps around the pipes coming into the bathroom, and additionally it doubles as a great water source which household pests like cockroaches need to survive.

Under your deck is another place to check for pests. Under decks are protected spaces and building materials that can provide great places to hide for spiders and other pests to remain out of the rain. Also, since most decks are attached to your home, it allows pests access to the inside as well if your home isn’t properly sealed.  If you are looking to take a proactive approach and are in Minnesota’s greater metro area, be sure to reach out to Rove Pest Control to set up a free consultation and get you on the right track to pest proofing your home!

Also if you would like some interesting numbers on where structural pests tend to hide in your home check this out!

According to the National Pest Management Association a survey revealed ants are commonly found in the following areas:

  • Inside walls (73%)
  • Bedrooms (61%)
  • Living rooms (60%)
  • Basements (54%)
  • Air conditioning and heating units (37%)


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