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Holiday Cookies Beware…

As the holiday’s quickly approach, many people are going to start leaving out cookies and candy around their home, unfortunately this can be the perfect feeding ground for rodents and pests.

Cover up those cookies!

Unless you are just feeling generous because it’s the holiday season, and you feel like being nice by giving pests an easily accessible food source, it’s best to keep your candy bowls and cookie trays covered when not in use this season.

Pests are attracted to any kind of food source they can get their hands on. If there isn’t food or shelter for pests they won’t be in your home. Keeping your home clean and free from food sources is one way to keep pests out.

However most people don’t think twice about leaving candy bowls or cookie trays out over the holidays, especially overnight. When you do this it gives easy access to food to pests you might not even know are there.

Many pests are nocturnal and you may not even know they are there

Another issue with leaving holiday treats out is that it can be very hard to track if anything is being taken besides just from your relatives.

If you are grazing here and there on treats and candy you leave out, pests could be too. Especially if you leave these food sources out overnight. Rodents especially seem to be more active at night and come out when you aren’t around.

If there is easy access to food and the warmth of your home during the holiday months, it makes it very easy for them to breed and multiply, making it an easy way for pests to take hold in your home.

Seal your treats and keep out more than just extra holiday pounds this holiday season

Easy access to holiday treats makes it easy to have more than your fill, and the same goes for pests around your home. Keep your containers sealed when they aren’t in use to keep a variety of pests looking for food elsewhere.

Pests may get in as temperatures drop this season, but the less food they have access to, the less likely they are to stick around or survive the winter and cause any problems in your home.

Keeping pests out in the first place is going to be your best bet for keeping your home pest free this holiday season. We recommend focusing on exclusion, sealing cracks and entry points around your home, as well as having a pest control service treat around the outside of your home.

A pest control service like Rove Pest Control can create a barrier of product around your home to help keep pests out and help keep them away from your candy and cookies this season as well.

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