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Going Green: A Few Great Options For Green Pest Control

More and more people and companies are “going green”. Today’s post is all about different areas and tips you can use for green pest control.

Exclusion is one of your first and best options for “green” pest control

Exclusion simply means sealing all relevant cracks and entry points into your home where pests can get in. Some of the most common ones are through cracks in window openings, under doors, and around your foundation.

Some of the less commonly known spots could be dryer vents, exhaust fans exits from bathrooms or your kitchen, underneath siding on your home, holes where wires enter your home, such as with cable TV, internet, phone lines, etc.

A few of these options are rather easy to do on your own. You can add weather stripping under your windows to create a more effective seal. Also, door sweeps will help keep pests from getting in under your doors.

Doing your own exclusion work can be very time consuming and costly. Hiring a pest control service to do it for you will save you time and money.

A green pest control option for bed bugs

An option that we use at Rove Pest Control for bed bugs is a heat treatment system. This is not only the most effective way to get rid of bed bugs. It’s also a great green pest control option as well.

Most pest control companies use a chemical treatment option when it comes to bed bugs. This can be dangerous to you and your family. It also could end up ruining a lot of your stuff.

The heat treatment is a green pest control option we use at Rove Pest Control simply raises the temperature high enough in the room that it would kill off any bed bugs. Bed bugs are hearty creatures and some times even chemicals can’t kill them as they have been building up immunity over time.

Using a heat treatment bypasses that completely and doesn’t use any harmful chemicals either. This makes it safe to re-enter your home after a few hours rather than potentially having to deal with days or weeks of caution because of a chemical treatment.

The only thing you would need to pay attention to, is having something in the room being treated that could melt at the levels the heat is at. You can simply just move those things to a room not being treated and you are good to go.

The other option for green pest control is using specific organic pest control products

The route of organic and green pest control options become important factors when you are dealing with areas you frequently contact, where your pets lounge and rest, or in areas where food is handled.

One such product that we at Rove use in some cases is called CimeXa. This can help treat areas such as residential, multi-family, and commercial real estate. Other locations this can be used in are daycare facilities, health care facilities, and educational facilities, office buildings, hotels, motels, food handling and food processing establishments.

Products such as these are a safer and a more green alternative to highly toxic and dangerous chemicals some companies use for treatments of some pests. If you are concerned about going green with your pest control, be sure to ask your pest control service if they have green options as a part of their services.

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